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(his and hers) raspberry godiva cocktail


we love coming up with new and fun drinks.  this one is one of my favorites!! (its hard to top the caramel apple hot toddy…)

when making our valentines dinner meal…we knew we needed an after dinner drink worthy of the ones we love! this cocktail is so cute and can be made with milk chocolate (for him) or white chocolate (for her).

see the pictures below for tips on the layering.  pour the liquid SLOWLY over an upside down spoon.  the densities of the different parts separate automatically! very cool and pretty.


i’ll admit i stirred mine up before i actually drank it.  so so good!!!


aren’t they cute!? this is a great way to toast to your love, or to your awesome singleness this valentines day.  :)


never underestimate the cuteness of a straw.

we hope you have a beautiful valentines day!


(his and hers) raspberry godiva cocktail
such a great valentines drink! raspberry cream and chocolate godiva liqueur. a delicious after dinner drink!
Recipe type: drinks
  • 1 T Chamborg or Raspberry Cream Liqueur
  • 2 T Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur or Godiva Chocolate Liqueur
  • 3 T Chamborg & 3 T Heavy Cream
  • Whipping Cream or Cool Whip
  1. layer the drink as shown in the picture, using a spoon to slowly pour each part down the side of glass. layered as follows:
  2. Bottom to Top:
  3. Chamborg
  4. Godiva Chocolate
  5. Chamborg and Cream
  6. Whipped Cream or Cool Whip



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