1. I made these today but following the first cook of 3-4 hours on high, the wings were swimming in broth and no longer covered in sauce (the sauce had “melted” into this broth). I drained the sauce, added the second coat and finished w/ the 15 min follow up. I was wondering if you had this issue? There was just so much broth! They ended up tasting okay but a little may-o-y for my tastes and definitely not as pretty as yours.

    • Hmmm…no that didn’t happen when I made them. In fact mine ended up needing even a bit more sauce. I’m so sorry they weren’t just right for you, I hate hearing that! But I do appreciate you giving me the feedback, it helps a lot!

  2. I tried to save your Creamy Chicken soup & kept getting the Easy baked chicken Tacos recipe. I would love to have the Creamy Chicken Soup if possible.

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