Skinny Bang Bang Shrimp

Welcome to the first edition of Weekend Slimdown! I’ll admit that I LOVE all things cheese, chocolate, and fattening…but I really want to learn healthier recipes. I’ve decided to devote at least one recipe a week to being healthy, and will most likely be posting them on the weekends. The weekends are usually the time Pat and I go crazy on the calories, so I’m hoping this will help us get back on track with a healthy lifestyle. Let me tell you, its HARD to have a food blog and not eat, eat, eat. So, here goes nothing!

goober burger sliders (peanut butter burgers)

growing up in KC, everyone knew about the Wheel Inn and its famous “guber-burger”. the Wheel Inn was in Sedalia, a short drive from Kansas City, and had the most amazing burgers…topped with peanut butter. I remember going there as a kid and LOVING it. goober is another word for peanut, hence the name. the Wheel Inn was a small drive-in burger joint that was a diamond in the rough and a community favorite. it was open for more than 60 years, just closing last fall. you can read more about it HERE.