Bacon and eggs french toast

Bacon and eggs french toast is a great recipe for breakfast or brunch. I love to make this on the weekends for brunch. It is so cute and delicious!

you guys are in for a treat. mom and i have been working hard to prepare the PERFECT valentines day meal to post this week. we are calling it…drum roll please…“the wow your (wo)man meal”. i think you’re going to like it! more importantly…i think your special someone is going to like it!

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we have a full days worth of food to post…so stay tuned for more!! i’m going to start with one of my favorite recipes we came up with…BACON AND EGGS FRENCH TOAST. uh hello, this is genius. one of my favorite breakfasts is calgary cakes. (click here to view the recipe.) clearly i love bacon mixed in with dishes!! this is no exception!


we first saw a similar recipe of this post on pinterest…martha stewart posted a very cute recipe for a heart shaped egg in toast. click here to see the original recipe. we decided to kick that recipe up a notch. what could be better than french toast?? french toast with bacon in the batter!! what could be better than french toast with bacon in the batter?? a heart shaped egg fried in the middle!!! adorable, customizable, and delicious. you could do this same recipe with any shaped cookie cutter!

this recipe is pretty detailed and time oriented…but i think its worth it. and valentines day is the perfect time to try!

  bacon and eggs french toast

we have included two ways of cooking the eggs. with the first option, the egg yolk is more distinct and the final look is prettier. using the second option, the whole thing is easier, faster and the look is almost as nice. the French Toast tastes great using either option. i prefer the easier second option. (not too shocking) :)

here are some prep pics for the first way of making the eggs (more difficult yet slightly prettier):

bacon and eggs french toast

here are some prep pics for the second way to make the egg (easier and slightly less pretty):

bacon and eggs french toast

so i gave this ADORABLE and delicious breakfast to pat and he scarfed it down. he kept talking about how good it was…but didn’t say anything about the cuteness of it. he literally didn’t even notice the egg was a heart. this is what i’m dealing with!!! haha. i’m sure whoever your special someone is will appreciate the cute heart more than my sweet fiance!

bacon and eggs french toast

yum!! i can’t wait to post the rest of the ‘wow your (wo)man meal’. stay tuned for more!! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

bacon and eggs french toast

(the recipe below is a little bit cluttered. easy recipe app is great, but doesn’t allow me to customize anything or add spaces, bold words, etc. so please read it carefully! there are different directions for the toast, egg, and for putting everything together. enjoy!)

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