Crescent Roll Pies

i. love. crescent rolls.

pinterest is good for learning lots and lots of great tricks. crescent roll creativity is one of my favorite things i’ve learned from pinterest. i saw a lot of recipes for apple pies, pumpkin pies, ham and cheese combos, etc., all in crescent rolls. most of them would do a thin layer of filling and then roll up the crescents just like if you were making normal rolls. not good enough for me!! i want more filling!! so i thought it would work better to just put the filling in the center of an unrolled crescent…then just pinching up the sides to make a little pie pocket. much more room for delicious filling. yum!

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i made three different types…but there are SO MANY OPTIONS. i saw great recipes online for strawberry and blue cheese, turkey and swiss, peach pie, raspberry and brie…i mean…enless options. i chose to make apple pie, cherry pie, and one i made up, nutella chocolate cream.

crescent roll pies

detailed ingredients are listed below, but basically just put a spoonful of whatever fillings you pick on the center of unrolled crescent rolls. bring all the corners up around the filling and pinch together, forming the pie. i sprinkled cinnamon sugar on the top of the pies. then bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes until golden brown.

crescent roll pies

aren’t they pretty! i love easy, pretty, homemade things!

crescent roll pies

yep. while taking these pictures i had to eat three. it was part of the job!!!! i couldn’t help it!

crescent roll pies

apple was my favorite. cherry was pats. and we both ate nutella ones…because…DUH! nutella is the best! enjoy :)


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