Mint Rumchata Recipe

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This week i have two drinks in one post…and they’re both divine. AND they’re both made in a CROCK POT. this might be my favorite drink post yet!!  A mint and peppermint Rumchata,  they are so easy to make and perfect for the festive rumchatasI saw this idea on pinterest…but it didn’t link to any actual blog post. I searched and searched and couldn’t find a source. so if you’re out there, and came up with this idea, let me know!! I’d love to credit you. the pinterest picture showed a crock pot, andes mints, rumchata, whipping cream, condensed milk, and milk. I wanted to simplify that a bit, so I came up with these Mint Rumchata recipes, deliciously creamy cocktails!

Why this mint Rumchata recipe is so good

  • Makes two delicious flavors – mint and peppermint.
  • Perfect, boozy winter warmer. Great for the festive party season!
  • An easy cocktail, only 3 ingredients.
  • A great batch drink, serve from your crockpot.


  • Andes Baking Chips  – use creme de menthe for mint flavor and peppermint crunch for peppermint flavor.
  • Rumchata – if you want a more ‘rum forward’ version, you could swap for Ricura.
  • Half & Half – you could go for 2/3 low fat milk and 1/3 heavy cream as a substitute

How to make this mint Rumchata recipe 

Heat the ingredients in a crock pot on high, until they’ve melted. Then put on low and stir every 20 mins. Serve and enjoy! 

ingredients for mint rumchata recipe

A Creamy Easy Cocktail

The only ingredients in these two delightful holiday cocktails are baking chips, rumchata, and half & half. I tried it with the condensed milk, and in my opinion it made it too sweet. It is already quite sweet with the baking chips…just perfect!! You could also use whole andes mints if you can’t find the baking chips…just chop them up before putting them in the crock pot!

mint rumchata recipe in glass

What is Rumchata?

If you haven’t tried rumchata before…stop what you’re doing and buy some right now!! (SO yum) unless you’re currently at work, under 21, or pregnant :). I had never tried it before and I have to say, its quite tasty. hints of cinnamon and nutmeg…so good! perfect compliment for traditional hot chocolate.

dog and cat looking at cocktailscocktails in glassesTwo awesome minty flavors!

First up, the andes mint hotchata. YUM. This is my favorite of the two (because I love chocolate, surprise surprise). I love the drink we made last year, the tipsy nutella hot cocoa, but this gives it a run for its money. SO easy and SO good. I love mint and chocolate…seriously good!

And secondly, the peppermint hotChata. this one is also great, and so festive for Christmas. I love the pink color! I used andes mint peppermint crunch baking chips (the same ones I used in my Christmas bark recipe)  they are SO good. You could also probably use candy cane kisses or the candy cane Hershey’s bars.

All the preparations are the same, the only difference is the type of baking chips used.

mint rumchata recipe with candy cane

peppermint cocktail

Top Tips For This Mint Rumchata Recipe

  • If you want a more rum forward tipple, you can use Ricura instead of Runchata.
  • Make sure to stir the mint rumchata every 20 mins when in the crockpot.
  • Serve with a candy cane as a stirrer.
  • Add with marshmallows and whipped cream.
  • Be sure to top with some green sprinkles. you can never go wrong with green sprinkles!

marshmallows in mint rumchata recipe

top down shot of cocktail

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Have you tried this Mint Rumchata Recipe? Feel free to leave a star rating and I’d love to hear from you inthe comments below!


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