Kaldi’s Coffee – Saint Louis Missouri

Kaldi’s Coffee is the perfect destination for any coffee lover!

kaldis coffee 14

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When I first moved to St. Louis, Kaldi’s Coffee was one of the first places I ate. I wasn’t even a foodie back then, but I loved their coffee, their fresh and healthy menu, and their love of community. It’s a true locally owned gem tucked in the midwest, and if you have an opportunity to go, you should right away! I recently went back to one of their STL locations and took some photos of one of my favorite places!

kaldis coffee 5

kaldis coffee 6

kaldis coffee 2

Although working from home has its perks, its sometimes hard to get motivated. Going to do some work in a place like Kaldi’s was just what I needed to get a bunch done before we leave for Europe! It worked like a charm. I might be going back tomorrow. Meet me there?

kaldis coffee 15

kaldis coffee 10

kaldis coffee 1

In between editing pictures of my own recipes, I was treated to some of the best and freshest coffee-house eats I’ve ever had! Kaldi’s is truly a treat. A charming, delicious, full of caffeine treat. My kind of place.

kaldis coffee 11

kaldis coffee 8

kaldis coffee 4

Yes, let’s not forget the caffeine part. Second to none!

kaldis coffee 13

kaldis coffee 12

Anywhere that serves chocolate covered coffee beans along side my latte is a place I’ll be frequenting.

kaldis coffee 7

kaldis coffee 9

It was the perfect place to sit, eat, sip, and work. Thank you Kaldi’s for being just what I needed!

kaldis coffee 3

Kaldi’s Coffeehouse

187 Carondelet Plaza
Clayton, MO 63105

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