Lemon Mint Simple Syrup Ice Cubes (For Sweet Tea!)

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LEMON SIMPLE SYRUP ICE CUBES are the perfect addition to a glass of sweet tea! Just mix, freeze, and drop them in your favorite iced tea to make a sweet summer treat. No more watered down sweet tea when you’ve got lemon mint ice cubes (or any flavor you want) to add in.

Lemon Mint Simple Syrup Ice Cubes in mason jars

Lemon Simple Syrup Ice Cubes

Simple syrup ice cubes are an easy way to add flavor to your iced tea (or other drinks). Make some lemon mint ice cubes, or try your own flavor combination!

Since I got pregnant, Mom has been helping me with the blog. She comes over once a week and helps me tackle the recipes I’ve been wanting to make. It’s a HUGE help and I don’t know what I would do without her! You guys would probably be looking at a very bare site by now without her saving the day. I have so many posts photographed from her help, but am still slacking on writing them and posting them! No one told me working with a newborn would be tricky! (kidding).

Long story short, I have a bunch of Summer recipes that I have waited too long to post, and now we are almost into Fall. I couldn’t let Summer pass without posting these amazing LEMON MINT SIMPLE SYRUP ICE CUBES that are just perfect for Sweet Tea. They were 100% Mom’s idea and they are GENIUS. I’m obsessed, can you blame me?

Make these lemon Simple Syrup Ice Cubes to add some flavor to your sweet tea. Or you can create any flavor you want!

Lemon simple syrup ice cubes in mason jars

Every glass of iced tea needs LEMON MINT SIMPLY SYRUP ICE CUBES! Just mix, freeze, and drop in your favorite iced tea to make a sweet Summer treat. No more watered down sweet tea for me!

Flavored Ice Cubes for Sweet Tea

I love that these Simple Syrup Ice Cubes allow for the absolute perfect Iced Sweet Tea. You can add just one for a more “half cut” taste or add more if you like an extra sugary drink. The lemon and mint give the tea such a delicious pop, and you never have to worry about watered down sweet tea again. Let’s hold on to the porch sipping feeling of Summer as long as possible this year. It’s still hot in Missouri, so I’m hoping everyone is still in need of cold drinks!

Mint and Lemon ice cubes seemed like the most ideal flavor combination to add into sweet tea (yum!), but you can easily make any flavored ice cubes you want for your drinks. Use strawberries, blackberries, orange, lime…anything. It’s the same basic process of making a simple syrup. Once you have that made, just freeze it in an ice cube tray with whichever fruit/citrus/etc you want to use.

Use flavored ice cubes in sweet tea, a glass of water, or mix them into cocktails. Drop them into a glass of this sweet tea sangria! How about a classic margarita on the rocks…with lime ice cubes! How perfect is that? No need to water down the flavor of your drink when you have flavored simple syrup ice cubes.

Two glasses of sweet tea with lemon mint ice cubes

Iced tea with simple syrup ice cubes

How to Make Simple Syrup Ice Cubes

Knowing how to make simple syrup AND your own flavored ice cubes will come in handy if you want to make the most perfect drinks. Simple syrups are a liquid sugar that makes it a lot easier to sweeten and flavor your cold beverages. And flavored ice cubes just add a little something extra to your drinks, and keep them from tasting watery when the ice starts to melt.

So combine those two ideas and you’ve got simple syrup ice cubes! It’s the best of both worlds. You can flavor, sweeten, and keep your drinks cool without any hassle. I love having flavored ice cubes at hand all summer long. And these lemon simple syrup ice cubes are my favorite flavor!

How to Make Simple Syrup Ice Cubes:

  1. Add water (or preferred liquid) and sugar into a saucepan
  2. Bring mixture to a boil, then reduce heat & simmer until sugar dissolves
  3. Let the simple syrup cool completely before moving on to the next step
  4. Add the lemon & mint (or your preferred fruit/flavors) into the ice tray
  5. Fill each ice cube mold with the simple syrup
  6. Put them in the freezer, & let freeze fully before using

Once they’re made, they’re ready to go any time you’ve got a drink that needs some extra flavor! Drop them into your beverage 1, 2, 3, or 4 at a time. Keep your drink cold without making it watery. It’s the perfect solution.

A glass of sweet tea with lemon flavored ice cubes

As an extra bonus, these lemon simple syrup ice cubes make for quite the pretty glass of sweet tea. I think these Lemon Mint Ice Cubes are pretty life changing, at least in our house. So fun to keep them in your freezer for an instant pick me up and some added refreshment!

See the recipe card below for details on how to make Lemon Simple Syrup Ice Cubes. Enjoy!

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