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honey lime chicken enchiladas

I don’t have much to say about this new recipe except…YUM. I ate these for dinner not one, not two, but THREE nights in a row and I was happy each and ever time. the spices in the marinade are both sweet and spicy, creating a perfect combination. this has definitely become one of my new favorite ‘go-to’ recipes. it can be made quickly and easily, cooks up great for leftovers, and is a crowd pleaser. what more can you really ask for??

sweet potato chips

now that the wedding is over, we are still trying to be careful with what we eat. we are taking our honeymoon the the spring/summer, so I still want to be swimsuit ready then!! I’ve been looking for healthy options, and now that I have more time, i’m realizing they’re usually not as difficult as I had once though.

I came across a similar recipe for these delicious baked sweet potato chips on pinterest (big surprise) and made them to go with our heisenburgers for the breaking bad finale party. they were so good!! and so easy!! pat was very helpful…aw newlywedded life :)

blue rock candy (BREAKING BAD inspired)

one of the themed foods we made (besides buying a bag of funyuns in honor of Jesse) for the finale was blue-raspberry flavored rock candy. this was my favorite, and was so fun. lovers of the show will know the rock candy was inspired by the blue crystal meth made in the show. its a fun candy to make for breaking bad halloween costumes, or just a fun candy to make in general. it could be made in any color and hundreds of flavors. basically you can make your own jolly ranchers…and its super easy.

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