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sweet & spicy oven cooked bacon

I am one of the few people I know not crazy about bacon. Don’t get me wrong, I love the stuff if it is cooked correctly, but so often it isn’t. Cooked correctly for me is crispy throughout without being tough…thin, not thick…not any of those slimy parts.

For better or for worse, I discovered a treasure this weekend…a recipe that gets a star on all my bacon needs.I discovered Oven-Baked, Sweet & Spicy Bacon. I am in lust over this stuff and that is after eating only one piece. My pledge to myself is this, “Self…never, EVER make this when you are alone, you know you would eat the whole pound of it by yourself.” After trying this recipe, you will know why I had to make this solemn vow.

brown sugar chocolate chip cookies (cow chip cookies)

so these are my FAVORITE COOKIES OF ALL TIME. and that’s saying something. my mom owned a cookie company a couple years ago…and i loved all of her cookies. she is the absolute best amateur baker in the world. but these are my childhood favorite. we called them ‘cow chip cookies’ as kids and i thought that was so funny. these are NOT good for you. but once you taste them you wont care. they are so addicting. you’ve been warned. my mom adapted this recipe from martha stewart…so you know its good.

beef au jus sandwiches (french dip)

my mom came into town this weekend and helped me cook some of my favorite recipes that she makes. it was a great weekend…and especially great to have her help. usually i just have to call her 25 times during each recipe to ask questions!!! i had a couple demands of what i wanted to make together, and beef au jus sandwiches were at the top of my list. this is such a great meal that is always crowd-pleasing. its also perfect for leftovers. i had her make this for pat the first time i brought him home to kirksville. its always been one of my favorites.

crescent roll asparagus spirals

i LOVE this as a side dish. such a great compliment to so many different types of meals. plus you get your bread, and your vegetables, in one dish! i’ve made this a couple times for my boyfriend and each time we like it more. there are lots of ways you can variate it as well. you can add cheese, add prosciutto, add different spices, the possibilities are endless! this is a simple recipe for asparagus wrapped in crescent rolls…and in some of the pictures i have prosciutto added. be creative!

cheesy prosciutto wrapped chicken

cheese. chicken. prosciutto. these are a few of my FAVORITE things. and in my still limited repertoire this is one of my favorite things to make. its pretty easy but looks very intricate. i love fooling people into thinking i worked harder than i actually did!!! this was the first meal i made for my brother and sister in law…and they were impressed. it even prompted my brother to exclaim ‘everybody who thinks becky made a good meal raise your hand!’. this is a time-honored family tradition that all the of fabulous cooks of previous generations enjoyed…but i had never heard it about myself. very proud moment! :)

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