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perfectly chopped, diced, or minced onions

I love Onions! I love, love Onions!! I love red or Green Onions in salads, Vidalia Onions for grilling and Sweet Yellow Onions for almost every other thing I cook. I am learning to use leeks, shallots, scallions, baby onions and so many more. I don’t often use white onions because of their stronger flavor, but they work well in many Mexican recipes. I hated onions when I was a child. I would actually get mad if my mother would put onions in any recipe, and I would search through my food and pick them out if she insisted on using them. Well…I have had a complete change of heart ever since I learned the beauty of sauteing. Sauteing onions in a little butter (for the flavor) and olive oil (to prevent burning) until translucent tenderizes and brings out the natural sweetness of this great food.

chocolate toffee crackers

back before i was a bonafide chef (jk)…i would literally keep NOTHING in my pantry. when friends and family would come to visit…they were lucky if i’d go stock up on the essentials, such as cheetos and soft batch cookies. oh and frozen pizza. (mama lucia anyone?!) but two things i would always have in stock were saltines…and chocolate chips. both are wonderful snacks for poor and lazy anti-cooks. saltines are also awesome if you ever need to entertain guests by seeing who can eat 6 saltines in one minute! (spoiler alert…YOU CAN’T. scout even tried) ANYWAY…point being that most people already have these ingredients. even people like me. this dessert is more up my alley than those delicious apple dumplings…and are an awesome snack. it makes getting through the work day that much easier knowing these are waiting for me!!

these chocolate toffee crackers are perfect for any party, any get-together, or just for snacking while watching the real housewives. these are your new go-to dessert!

election night grilled cheese!

well goodness. all this election coverage is stressing me out. so i need something cheesy and fried and delicious. GRILLED CHEESE!! believe it or not i’ve never made a grilled cheese. i’m the cooking virgin, remember? so yeah…literally never made a grilled cheese. i brainstormed with my mom on the phone for some good add-ons to the normal grilled cheese. i decided to make Hawaiian grilled cheese, and caprese grilled cheese.

perfect stovetop bacon crumbles

Stove-top crumbled bacon is one of the greatest things I have learned within the past two years. This is genius and I’m disappointed in myself for not figuring it out sooner in life. For all the times a recipe calls for crumbled, crispy bacon, this is the go-to thing to do. This is one of those great little nuggets of info that saves a ton of time and the results are great…so…here goes.

apple dumplings

so youre looking for something delicious, simple, impressive, classic… and did i say delicious??? i have just the dessert for you. this is one of my all-time favorites. apple dumpling heaven. this is seriously one of the best desserts ever. and so pretty!! i’m not going to lie and say this one is easy. its not for the faint of cooking heart. but its worth it.

housewife…FOR REAL! :)

for those of you that know me…you know that i feared growing old with just my animals and eating frozen dinners every night. my animals are pretty amazing…but i desperately hoped to find true love and a dad for my ‘kids’. i decided to take matters into my own hands on the whole frozen dinners part…but was still looking for my forever. 2 weeks ago yesterday…forever happened :)

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