strawberry salad

February 13, 2013

for some reason, before i started learning to cook and writing this blog, i was always afraid to make salads. in retrospect…salads are one of the easiest things to make! (duh). its so fun to make them colorful and unique. this is my ALLTIME favorite salad. its so pretty, and perfect for valentines day. this is an important part of our ‘wow your wo(man) meal’!

steak with sherry sauce

February 12, 2013

i’m an american girl. i love steak. its my absolute favorite meal, and i never thought i could make it well!! valentines day was a good time for me to learn a great and delicious way to make steak at home.

i’ll admit that pat and i haven’t ever gone ‘all out’ for valentines day. we will usually do cards and small presents…usually something homemade, and then he takes me to a great steak restaurant. we are fat like that. i cannot wait until this friday when i get to find out what steak place we are going to. YUM. my favorite. but this year valentines day came a bit early when i was practicing for this post. and i have to say this steak was just as good as last years Ruths Chris!! it really was delicious! (i’m very proud) :)

(his and hers) raspberry godiva cocktail

February 11, 2013

we love coming up with new and fun drinks. this one is one of my favorites!! (its hard to top the caramel apple hot toddy…)

when making our valentines dinner meal…we knew we needed an after dinner drink worthy of the ones we love! this cocktail is so cute and can be made with milk chocolate (for him) or white chocolate (for her).

Bacon and eggs french toast

February 6, 2013

you guys are in for a treat. mom and i have been working hard to get the PERFECT valentines day meal to post this week. we are calling it…drum roll please…”the wow your (wo)man meal”. i think you’re going to like it! more importantly…i think your special someone is going to like it!

we have a full days worth of food to post…so stay tuned for more!! i’m going to start with one of my favorite recipes we came up with…BACON AND EGGS FRENCH TOAST. uh hello, this is genius. one of my favorite breakfasts are calgary cakes. (click here to view the recipe.) clearly i love bacon mixed in with dishes!! this is no exception!

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