aunt lily’s orange juice

October 25, 2013

every time we would visit her, aunt lily would make this with breakfast. its delicious and refreshing! I cannot believe I haven’t made it until now. such a simple and delicious way to brighten up someone’s morning. vanilla infused frozen orange juice. enjoy!

mom’s apple & gruyere frittata

October 24, 2013

i’ll admit that I have never been a big breakfast eater. its always the meal that i don’t mind skipping (i know this isn’t healthy!!) it probably has to do with my love of sleeping in…but also because breakfast foods just aren’t my favorite. until now. when we were home last weekend, my mom taught me how to make this delicious and easy meal…and man was it a hit! pat, mr. subdued, really loved this meal and wants me to make it again and again! i know you will love it too.

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