thirsty thursday: whipped white russian

November 28, 2013

every thursday…or at least most thursdays…i’ll be posting a fun new cocktail on the blog! i’m going to call it thirsty thursdays…come thirsty!! and please feel free to suggest new drinks for us to try or to work from! i would love your ideas!! i will probably run out of creativity about 3 weeks in :)

first up: the whipped white russian. YUM!!!

homemade turkey gravy

November 26, 2013

i’ll be honest. when mom said ‘we should make a homemade gravy too!!”…i was less than thrilled. i was TIRED. a lot of learning went on in a two day period :). but i’m so glad that we tried this recipe. its SO easy…and if you’re already making the turkey, you’re more than halfway there. this recipe is a must for any complete thanksgiving meal.

thanksgiving turkey!

so, you guys, we actually made a thanksgiving turkey. and it was actually great.

BUT…in the hustle and bustle that were the final moments before all of the delicious culinary creations hit our thanksgiving table…i neglected to take good pictures. there are a lot of pictures i’m sad we didn’t get. we didn’t get one of pat and i as newlyweds on our first thanksgiving at the new house. we didn’t get a group shot of both of our families celebrating together. and we didn’t get any good pictures of my very first turkey. i have some prep pictures and i have some sliced pictures…and that’s it. i thought about not posting it at all…but it REALLY was delicious…and i’m proud of us…so i’m posting it anyway. i’m sorry the pictures aren’t great. next year i promise to get beautiful pictures to show you just how awesome it really does taste :)

homemade pie crust

even though I’m learning so much, and cooking SO much more…I’m still VERY intimidated by baking. specifically, by homemade pies/pie crusts. I LOVE pie. I love pumpkin, apple, cherry, French silk pies. really any type of pie. but I’m totally scared to attempt them. my sister-in-law anna makes the BEST pies. and she makes it look so easy. and actually…I don’t think its as hard as I imagine in my head. she was gracious enough to write up her famous recipes and take some great prep pictures for me to post, so you too can have fabulous pies at your holiday get togethers!

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