Ginger Cookies

December 17, 2012

Ginger Doozie Cookies. Yum!! The name alone brings out all kinds of warm feelings. To get me into the Chirstmas Spirit, all I need to do is put a tray of these in the oven to bake and wait for the aroma to wind itself through the hallways and doors, up the stairway and through each room of our home.
I discovered this recipe in a December, 1990 Special Edition of Midwest Living Magazine. The magazine had been kept in a box in the basement and I rediscovered it 19 years later. I had circled the picture of the cookie because it was so beautiful. That is the reason I kept the magazine in the first place and I’m so glad I did. This cookie’s original name is Joe Carson’s Ginger Cookie and, at the time the magazine was printed, Joe baked them at Silver Dollar City and handed out over 40 dozen daily during the Christmas season.
To start my baking this Christmas Season, I made up a double batch and the house smells just like it should. It smells like Christmas.

butter-cream baked chicken

December 16, 2012

my parent’s both grew up in kansas city. stephenson’s restaurant was one of their favorites. i ate there twice before it closed, and it was so so good. this chicken recipe is one of the stars of the stephenson’s cookbook. just a simple chicken recipe that will knock your socks off. so juicy, tender, classic, and delicious. i guarantee this will become one of your staple, go-to recipes for your family.

i made this last weekend and it was SO easy. simple ingredients that add up to a great meal.

buffalo chicken dip

December 13, 2012

i need to give a shout out to the amazing kathryn mooney for this one. she has given me this recipe…probably 4 or 5 separate times!! pat used to live with kathryn’s fiance, morgan. kathryn is a heck of a good cook and can bake ANYTHING. (ice cream cake anyone??) she really inspired me on the hundreds of nights we have hung out together. i would always beg her to make this on weekends…and she always would. then, once i started attempting to cook on my own…this was one of the first things i tried. every time i would go to make it…i would have to text her again and have her give me the recipe…again. literally 4 or 5 times. never wrote it down. i’m the cooking virgin, remember? so kathryn…i’m finally writing it down!!

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