Apple and Gruyere Frittata

October 24, 2013

i’ll admit that I have never been a big breakfast eater. its always the meal that i don’t mind skipping (i know this isn’t healthy!!) it probably has to do with my love of sleeping in…but also because breakfast foods just aren’t my favorite. until now. when we were home last weekend, my mom taught me how to make this delicious and easy meal…and man was it a hit! pat, mr. subdued, really loved this meal and wants me to make it again and again! i know you will love it too.

blue rock candy (BREAKING BAD inspired)

October 3, 2013

one of the themed foods we made (besides buying a bag of funyuns in honor of Jesse) for the finale was blue-raspberry flavored rock candy. this was my favorite, and was so fun. lovers of the show will know the rock candy was inspired by the blue crystal meth made in the show. its a fun candy to make for breaking bad halloween costumes, or just a fun candy to make in general. it could be made in any color and hundreds of flavors. basically you can make your own jolly ranchers…and its super easy.

oven baked fajitas

February 25, 2013

well, i just found my new favorite (easy) dish!! mexican food has always been one of my very favorite meals, but its no secred it can be fattening. this alternative that bakes the fajitas is SOOO GOOD, and much better for you! its also incredibly easy.

this recipe is my new favorite quick fix for dinner. and its not too harsh on the wedding diet either!

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