perfect homemade croutons

January 26, 2013

I am a crouton snob. I am a crouton snob because I have been spoiled by the best croutons – anywhere!! They used to be served at The Pear Tree Restaurant in Bevier, MO, but unfortunately that restaurant burned to the ground last November. Thank goodness they are still served at the family’s other restaurant, AJ’s Eat & Drink in Macon, MO. These little crunchies are so good, I sometimes stop in Macon, while traveling through, to get a soda and a bag of croutons for a tasty snack.

perfect sugared almonds

January 18, 2013

Sugared Almonds – Delicious! Lettuce Salad – Delicious! Sugared almonds added to lettuce salad – Doubly Delicious!!
This is the ingredient that takes an average salad from the mundane to “Oh my goodness, this salad is GREAT!”
You might want to double this recipe – these almonds are terrific as a snack.