Ginger Raspberry Cocktail

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This fruity and bright  Ginger Raspberry Cocktail will bring out the summer! Fresh raspberries mixed with sparkling ginger ale and vodka, summertime in a glass!

raspberry cocktail in glasses

 With these Ginger Raspberry Cocktails, you’ll taste sunshine in every sip! So easy to whip up and they look great. Perfect for BBQ’s or just sitting on the porch watching the world go by.

Why these cocktails are so good

  • Summer in a glass, so refreshing!
  • Easy to make  – only five ingredients.
  • Packed with fruity flavors.
  • They look so colorful and inviting – perfect for summer parties. 


  • Raspberries – use fresh raspberries. Make sure to muddle them good!
  • Vodka – avoid flavored vodka, as the flavors are already well balanced. Titos is a great vodka choice. 
  • Ginger Ale – your favorite brand, Canada Dry is great.
  • Agave Nectar – you can use honey as replacement if you desire. 

How to make this Ginger Raspberry cocktail 

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Muddle the raspberries and place in the bottom of each glass, then top with agave nectar, lemon juice and ice. Pour in the vodka and top with ginger ale. 

fruity drink in glass

side shot of raspberry cocktail

A deliciously fresh raspberry cocktail 

I love fresh raspberries, and they are the secret to this cocktail’s goodness. I muddled mine with a spoon, no fancy equipment here! The spoon worked just fine. To add a little extra sweetness, I used my new favorite add-in, agave nectar. It incorporates with drinks so easily and tastes really fresh. (perfect for margaritas!).

How to muddle fruit

  • Place your fruit into a sturdy glass like a pint glass or shaker tin. Set the glass on a hard, stable surface.
  • Insert your spoon into the glass at a slight angle and press down hard (but not so hard as to break the glass). Twist the spoon to extract all that juicy, zesty goodness. When you have gotten all that you can out of the fruit, stop muddling and continue to build and prepare your cocktail.

overhead shot of raspberry cocktail

two glasses of drink

The perfect summer cocktail

With it’s summery colors and fruity flavors it’s the perfect tipple to toast the summer. I literally cannot wait until I can serve these on our new deck at an actual outdoor BBQ. When coming out of winter, I don’t even remember what 70 degree weather feels like!! This little cocktail brought me back a little. There’s light at the end of the winter tunnel! 

cocktail with garnish

Top Tips

  • If you don;t have a muddler use a wooden spoon.
  • You can swap agave for honey if you like.
  • Garnish with fresh raspberries.
  • Sugaring the rim of each glass is a quick and easy way to elevate the look of the cocktail.
  • To make this non alcoholic leave out the vodka, still tastes great!

sugar rimmed glass with raspberry cocktail

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