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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Groupon Getaways for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

rome.IMG_6866featureToday I sat down and attempted to edit the pictures I took from our AMAZING trip to Rome and Barcelona.  I put the memory card in the computer and was not surprised when it started downloading 1300 pictures!!! WOW!! Can you blame me?? There was just so much beauty around us, so many memories I never wanted to forget.  So much FOOD I never wanted to forget! It was truly the trip of a lifetime and Pat and I feel so very lucky to have gone.  We were able to go to both Rome and Barcelona through Groupon Getaways. We had SUCH a good experience with Groupon, surpassing any expectations! Centrally located lodging, easy to book flights, and access to travel help throughout the entire trip.  With one click, and one 15 minute phone call, we were booked and ready for our adventure. Today I wanted to share my very favorite pictures from the Rome portion of the trip.  Brace yourselves…TONS OF PICTURES to follow!!!

rome.IMG_6848 rome.IMG_6852rome.IMG_6867rome.IMG_6849 rome.IMG_6850 rome.IMG_6866Our first full day in Rome was incredible.  We started off touring Vatican city and ended at an amazing dinner by the Pantheon.  It seemed there was beauty like I’ve never seen on every corner.  At the Vatican, every nook and cranny had a detail worth photographing.  Seeing sights we have only read about in books was something I’ll never forget.

rome.IMG_6853 rome.IMG_6851 rome.IMG_6859We spent most of the day in silence just taking things in.  Silence until we reached dinner.  Then there was lots of “this is amazing”, “oh my gosh”, “YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS”, “I have to try to MAKE this”.  You get the picture!

rome.IMG_6860 rome.IMG_6854 rome.IMG_6875As a food blogger, it just doesn’t get better than Italy.  The fresh ingredients, the delicious wines, the new flavors.  To say I was in culinary heaven is an understatement!!

Our second full day was our very favorite.  We saw the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.  I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how to describe the vast beauty of these places.  The history combined with the scope is amazing.  It’s all HUGE.  Pictures can’t even begin to show you.  I couldn’t get most things to fit into my camera frame.  It was truly amazing and as I edited pictures today all of the memories came back.  It was one of the best days Pat and I have spent together.  A once in a lifetime type of day.

rome.IMG_6869 rome.IMG_6864rome.IMG_6874rome.IMG_6872Of course stopping for pizza was a must.  We were not disappointed!

rome.IMG_6855rome.IMG_6877The Colosseum was what I was most excited to see before we left on the trip, but the Forum ended up being my favorite sight.  It was just so remarkable.  You’re able to walk through 2000 year old ruins; you’re literally transported in time.  The bustling city stops to a screeching halt around it, it’s something everyone should see!

rome.IMG_6856 rome.IMG_6868 rome.IMG_6873 rome.IMG_6857 rome.IMG_6863rome.IMG_6847That night we headed to the shopping district for dinner.  Pat finally took mercy on my blistered feet and let us take a taxi! Hallelujah!! I had done some research on where I wanted to eat, but this night we just found a place to stop as we walked and had one of the best meals of our entire trip! We were lucky to find Ristorante al 34 and met an incredible waiter, Ken.  He was so good to us, even showing Pat how to dress his accidental whole fish order! It was really special and I told Ken I’d be sure to give him a shout on the blog!


rome.IMG_6870 rome.IMG_6865

We were sad to leave Rome but saw SO much in 3 short, AMAZING days.  Booking through Groupon was simple and such a great value.  We were able to tour the city at our speed, and see everything we wanted to see.  I’m so so grateful for the opportunity!

rome.IMG_6876Stay tuned for our post on the second leg of the trip, BARCELONA!! And be sure to follow along on social media using hashtag #MyGrouponGetaway! Thanks for indulging me on all the pictures!!!

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Mindy Anderson
I loved Italy! Nothing compares to pizza in Italy! We spent 12 days touring the country and I could have spent double that amount of time!
    Becky Hardin
    The pizza in Italy was SO AMAZING!!! Omg 12 days, I wish we had had that long!
Susie Gall
Truly a wonderful experience for Patrick and you. Your beautiful photos certainly make me want to return to Italy. I think your dog & cat children should have a chance to go with Doozie & Poppi:-)
Your trip it's a dream to me, some day I too look forward to a beautiful trip to Italy. Thanks for sharing, I feel as you made my dream a step closer with your pictures.
    Becky Hardin
    Thank you Debbie! I'm so glad you enjoyed the pictures, I hope you get to go to Italy soon!! Means so much that you said hello!
Virginia Harrison
Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures of Rome. I have made trips to Rome and to Barcelona, but that was years ago, and I didn't have your kind of equipment for making photos. Yours are the kinds of pictures that I would have LIKED to have brought back! Thanks for taking me back! I'm looking forward to the rest of your pictures! I agree with you! The food is AMAZING! Hoping you can share those recipes, too! So GLAD for you!! Virginia
    Becky Hardin
    This is such a sweet comment, made my day. THANK YOU for following along! Means a lot!
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