thirsty thursday: strawberry mimosas

STRAWBERRY MIMOSAS are the perfect simple way to treat yourself! You deserve it!

Happy Thirsty Thursday! Its still a world of Valentine’s Day prep around here, and these Strawberry Mimosas are no different.  But, who doesn’t love love?

strawberry crush mimosas. making these for valentines day! #thirstythursday

I love mimosas, and strawberries are one of my favorite fruits, so I loved this drink.  There’s nothing incredibly unique about it, but it just tastes good.  and its pretty :)  Strawberry Mimosas are a must at any bridal shower, brunch, or girls day! (Or romantic Valentine’s Day night in) :)

strawberry crush mimosas. making these for valentines day! #thirstythursday

strawberry crush mimosas. making these for valentines day! #thirstythursday

For the strawberry flavor, I used “Naked” brand Berry Blast Smoothie.  YUM!!! I walk by an aisle of Naked brand juice every time I’m at the grocery store and had never tried it until tonight.  I was really impressed.  Its made with 100% juice and they have all kinds of different flavors.  I can’t wait to try other types!

strawberry crush mimosas. making these for valentines day! #thirstythursday

strawberry crush mimosas. making these for valentines day! #thirstythursday

The pink sparkling rose wine is such a cute color and tastes great.  It could be awesome on its own as well. (Allyson, we should get this to toast with when I’m in Jacksonville!!)

strawberry crush mimosas. making these for valentines day! #thirstythursday

Its been so fun coming up with different Valentine’s recipes.  They’re almost coming to an end!! One more week…what to make, what to make…:)

strawberry crush mimosas. making these for valentines day! #thirstythursday

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Click HERE to see past Thirsty Thursday posts. Enjoy!

strawberry crush mimosas. making these for valentines day! #thirstythursday

thirsty thursday: strawberry crush mimosas

strawberry crush mimosas. pretty and perfect for valentines day <3

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  • 1 bottle sparkling rose champagne (i used yellow tail)
  • 1 bottle Berry Blast Smoothie by Naked Brand
  • Fresh Strawberries for garnish


  1. Fill champagne glass half full with berry blast smoothie
  2. top with champagne
  3. garnish with fresh strawberry.
  4. toast to love!! :)
  5. enjoy
Recipe Type: cocktail





Chocolate Covered Cherry Sangria...perfect for Valentines day!! Dessert in a wine glass :)


i heart strawberry hand tarts! the filling is infused with Grand Marnier! #valentine #strawberry #tart


brownie whoopie pies made with reeses peanut butter cup filling. AMAZING.


white chocolate valentine's bark! a fun, delicious, and EASY holiday treat!

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Can't wait to try some of these. Than you so much
Beth @ Goodness Gracious Living
The strawberry crush mimosas look delish! I could use one right now :-) Stopping by from SITS!
Charity Craig (@charitylcraig)
The Strawberry mimosa sounds absolutely amazing and I think the little heart tarts would go perfectly with them. I can't wait to try this recipe! :)
Bev @ Blogging Inspiration
Not only do they sound tasty, they look beautiful too! Perfect for Valentine's Day :)
You won me over! A strawberry crush mimosa sounds divine! I was looking for a fun, tasty drink for the adults at my daughter's first birthday and your mimosa is it! Stopping by from the SITS Comment Fest. I've subscribed to your site too!
What a brilliant idea!! Strawberry mimosas!! I love it!! And thirsty Thursday's??? I might just have to start that too!! ;) {Visiting from SITS! We're in the same comment love tribe!!} Caitlin
Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty
It's a preganancy curse that has all the yummy cocktails looking extra delicious, I think, and this looks AMAZING. I love Naked juice - hmm, maybe I can mocktail it with some sparking grape juice. #SITSblogging
    Did it taste ok with the sparkling grape juice?
Oh I can't look at Naked drinks the same ever since it was known they have formaldehyde in them....
    What? Give me a break.
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