Simple Mango Smoothie

Perfect for a quick breakfast or healthy mid afternoon snack, it’s full of the good stuff!

Coconut Water Smoothie

Full of delicious ingredients like coconut water, strawberries, mangoes, carrots, and avocado, all mixing together to create healthy hydrated skin. 

Creamy Green Smoothie

Filled with light and fresh ingredients like pineapple, spinach, apple, kale, banana, Greek Yogurt, and more.

Orange Julius Smoothie

Simple and easy to make this homemade orange julius recipe is one delicious sip. Ready to enjoy in minutes, it’s fruity, sweet and so creamy!

Coffee Smoothie

Start your day right with this quick and easy coffee smoothie recipe. Made with bananas and oats, this creamy smoothie is perfect for a quick breakfast or mid afternoon pick me up.

Triple Chocolate Detox Smoothie

Why not make it healthy while still tasting good? This healthy Chocolate Smoothie has it ALL, including lots of protein.

Cereal Milk Breakfast Smoothies

Blend your favorite breakfast cereal with milk, bananas, and ice and you’re in business. 

Skinny Shamrock Shake

We’ve transformed this delicious green mint shake into a SKINNY Shamrock Shake recipe, so you can get all the taste but with less calories!


Sweet, spicy, tart and salty, this Mexican mangonadas recipe is a real treat for your tastebuds! So flavorful, this non-alcoholic drink is sure to be a hit!

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