This dump and go recipe is so perfect in it’s simplicity and it’s so flavorful and juicy.

what you need:

Pork butt or shoulder

Liquid smoke

Steamed rice

Hawaiian sea salt

onion powder

dried thyme

dried basil

ground black pepper


Place pork roast in the crock of a slow cooker. Drizzle with liquid smoke and rub all over the surface, then sprinkle with the salt.

Slow cook on low for 10-12 hours until fall-apart tender. Shred meat in the slow cooker and serve hot with your choice of sides.


If using a bone-in roast, or a heavier roast, increase cook time to 12-14 hours.


Liquid smoke adds an incredible flavor to this pork. If you don’t have any, rubbing in some smoked paprika makes a good alternative.


This Crockpot kalua pork recipe is so effortless to make and the results are nothing short of amazing!

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