Crockpot Twice Baked Potatoes

Make the most delicious twice baked potatoes effortlessly in your Crockpot. Perfect creamy and topped with cheese, bacon and green onions, and more!

what you need:


Olive Oil

Heavy Cream

Salt & Pepper

Unsalted Butter

Sour Cream

Cheddar Cheese


Green Onion

Poke holes in the potatoes using a fork. Rub with olive oil. Season with salt and pepper.


Place the potatoes in a crockpot. Cook until tender. Remove from the slow cooker.


Cut the top off of each potato and scoop out the inside. Mash.


Mix in cheese, sour cream, heavy cream, butter, and salt and pepper. Place into each potato. Top with cheese and cook once more.


Watch our full step by step instructional video to learn how to make Crock Pot Twice Baked Potatoes!

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