This recipe calls for three simple and inexpensive ingredients that blend together beautifully to create a sweet, creamy, and delightfully caffeinated beverage.

what you need:

Shot espresso


Whole milk


In a small coffee mug, combine the espresso and sweetener, if using.

Froth the milk. See recipe notes for various frothing methods. Pour frothed milk over the espresso and serve immediately.


EASY TO MAKE: Pour your espresso, stir in your sweetener, and froth the milk. Voila, you have a flat white!

COPYCAT: The line at Starbucks is always too long and it’s easy to overpay once you get there. Avoid all of that with this inexpensive flat white recipe!

It’s easy to ignore your needs in the morning, especially if you have a busy day ahead of you. Make the best out of your mornings by treating yourself to the coffee you deserve!

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