Frozen Peach Margaritas are the perfect refreshing cocktail for hot summer days. Relax on the patio after a long day with this fruity drink, or prepare a batch for your next party.

what you need:

Frozen peach


Honey or agave syrup

Triple Sec

Lime juice


Mint sprigs


Place the peaches, tequila Triple Sec, honey and lime juice into the glass of a blender and pulse until everything is well incorporated.

Add the ice and pulse again until smooth. It should have a thick consistency.


Rub a lime wedge over the edge of the glass and dip in salt to rim it.


Pour the frozen peach margarita into the glasses and garnish with mint sprigs and peach slices. Serve immediately.


Should I use fresh or frozen peaches for this recipe?

You can use either! Frozen peaches work great for this frozen margarita, but you can substitute fresh peaches as well.

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