Apple Pie Sangria

its officially autumn, and i’m officially in love with this new drink. it is….amazing. it tastes like leaves turning colors and christmas on its way! (i know i’m very dramatic) but this drink really is so good. its simple, has only a few ingredients, and was a big hit. it even had beer drinking men asking for more.

last year my mom and i made my reigning favorite drink, the caramel apple hot toddy. this drink isn’t all that different in its ingredients, but its so refreshing and light. it might just be my new favorite!

Pink Champagne Sangria

Happy Thirsty Thursday! i hope yesterday was a very merry Christmas for all! we had a really quiet and great holiday and are headed to kirksville in a couple days to see my parents and open presents with desdi :). it wont fully feel like Christmas until i see that munchkin rip open some gifts! can’t wait. but there’s also another wonderful holiday around the corner…NEW YEARS! this Thirsty Thursday is devoted to New Years Eve. Champagne Sangria!

Peach Pie Sangria

Ah, Spring is upon us!!! Pinterest is full of spring and summer recipes, cute pastel colors for Easter, and the temperatures outside are finally starting to cooperate!! And I have this delicious Peach Pie Sangria to sip on!! We are on a holiday Sangria kick…Apple Pie Sangria for Thanksgiving, Sugar Plum Sangria for Christmas, Champagne Sangria for New Years Eve, Chocolate Covered Cherry Sangria for Valentines Day, and now Peach Pie Sangria for Easter.

thirsty thursday: chocolate covered cherry sangria

I love sangria. Its my very favorite type of drink to make. I’ve decided to create a new sangria for every holiday! We are knocking them out one at a time; Apple Pie Sangria for Thanksgiving, Sugar Plum Sangria for Christmas, Champagne Sangria for New Years, and now Chocolate Covered Cherry Sangria for Valentines day. Every time i make a new one, I swear its my new favorite. :)

thirsty thursday: sugar plum sangria

i have been excited about this post since mom and i brainstormed about it last week. it started out as an idea about different types of sangrias. our most popular post on the blog BY FAR has been the apple pie sangria. and its truly one of my favorite drinks. i thought it would be so cool to make up a different type of sangria for all the holidays and special occasions throughout the year. so as the year progresses, we will be making unique flavors of sangria to share with you! i’m so so excited.