Best Mimosa Recipe – Sherbet Mimosas

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This is one of the BEST MIMOSA RECIPE for any brunch. It would even make a great dessert cocktail. Sherbet Mimosas are a fun and creative way to dress up any mimosa recipe! Use the ice cream, sherbet, or sorbet flavor of your choice and mix with champagne. It’s so fun, delicious, and beautiful! It’s the perfect cocktail recipe to make for holidays, bridal showers, and beyond.

Sherbet Mimosas in Champagne Flute

Sherbet Mimosa Recipe

This is the Best Mimosa Recipe if you ask me. It’s a little different than the average mimosa recipe, but that’s what makes it so fun. These Sherbet Mimosas will make a splash at your next brunch!

These Sherbet Mimosas were one of the first recipes I put up back when I started The Cookie Rookie. The photos were…not great :) but the recipe has definitely stood the test of time. Just this Christmas they have absolutely taken off again on FB and Pinterest (I’m kind of embarrassed that they were shared over 200k times on Pinterest with absolutely horrible photos!!!) It made me realize that they were in major need of a face lift. So the photos are updated, but the recipe remains the same.

These Sherbet Mimosas are the most creative and BEST Mimosa Recipe I’ve ever had.

It’s such a fun and easy cocktail for Christmas, Easter, weddings and baby showers, or even a girl’s weekend in. They’re simple, gorgeous, and fully customizable. You can pretty much make these Sherbet Mimosas in any color or flavor. You can even make them into mocktails for the little ones–just use 7 up in place of the bubbly. So fun!

Try this fun Mimosa Recipe for your next brunch. Everyone will love these Sherbet Mimosas!

Fruit Sherbet Mimosa cocktails

Glasses of colorful sherbet, sorbet, and ice cream, filled with champagne

Sherbet Mimosa – Brunch Perfection

I wish I would have had this easy mimosa recipe for our wedding…this would have been a great one for the bridal brunch we had the day before. It really is the BEST Mimosa Recipe. They have an absolutely great flavor and they are just so pretty.

Today I made blood orange, raspberry, and lemon Sherbet Mimosas, but you could make any flavor that the ice cream manufacturers come up with! OR you can make homemade sorbet, like this rhubarb sorbet from my blogging friend, Carolyn, or this mint lime sorbet from Holly. It’s super easy as well.

Sherbet vs Sorbet

What’s the difference between Sherbet vs Sorbet? They are very similar desserts, and a lot of people probably think they’re the same thing. However, there is a slight difference.

Sorbet is just fruit and sugar that’s been frozen and churned. There’s no dairy in it (so it’s not ice cream), and it’s a low-fat, low-calorie treat. So if you care about that kind of thing (maybe you’re lactose intolerant), then use Sorbet for this recipe instead of Sherbet.

Sherbet, on the other hand, contains a little bit of milk or cream in addition to fruit and sugar. It is somewhere between sorbet and ice cream. Sherbet is still a relatively light dessert. I think the creaminess of Sherbet is perfect for this mimosa recipe.

If you really want something creamy, use ice cream and turn this into a dessert cocktail.

Best Mimosa Recipe with sherbet in glass

Glass of sherbet filled with champagne and garnished with slice citrus

How to Make Mimosas with Sherbet

Wondering how to make mimosas? Well, a classic mimosa is any kind of fruit juice (usually citrus juice) with a sparkling wine (usually champagne). So if you just want a basic mimosa, get some orange juice and champagne and pour away!

But we’re not making basic mimosas today–we’re making the Best Mimosa Recipe ever! We’re getting creative and having a little fun with it.

You can make these Sherbet Mimosas extra simple, with just sherbet and champagne (the sherbet provides a rich fruity flavor), or you can add in some juice or flavored vodka to give them an extra kick. Like I said, they are fully customizable. Make this easy mimosa recipe your own and wow your party guests!

I was surprised that I actually liked the lemon sherbet mimosa the best. It was really light and airy. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because I haven’t met a lemon drink or dessert I didn’t love.

3 sparkling champagne mimosas

close up image of an orange sherbet mimosa cocktail garnished with a slice of blood orange

What kind of champagne should I use for mimosas?

In my opinion, which champagne you use for mimosas isn’t that important. I mean, you can really use any type of champagne for mimosas. Just use your favorite brand, or even choose a flavored champagne for an extra kick to your drink. For a brunch mimosa like these Sherbet Mimosas, where the rich fruit flavors already take over, you can get away with a cheap champagne. Works well enough for me!!!

How to Make a Non-Alcoholic Mimosa

This Sherbet Mimosa Recipe can easily be turned into a mocktail for kids, or anyone who won’t be indulging in alcohol. To make this into a Non-Alcoholic Mimosa, just switch out the champagne for 7 Up or another bubbly beverage. Maybe try it with Perrier or La Croix for extra flavor options!

tall stemmed glass holding a fruity mimosa cocktail with orange sherbet

I just think these Sherbet Mimosas are so pretty! I can’t get over it. I love how fun it is to replace juice with the flavor of a fruit frozen treat. I hope they make your Christmas morning, upcoming bridal shower, or just fun weekend with friends extra bright and vibrant.

These may not be the most classic mimosas, but I do think this is the best mimosa recipe. Let me know what you think. Cheers!

See the recipe card below, and watch the video, to find out How to Make Sherbet Mimosas. Enjoy!

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