Sherbet Mimosas

Sherbet Mimosas are a fun was to dress up any mimosa recipe! Use the ice cream, sherbet, or sorbet flavor of your choice and mix with champagne. So fun, delicious, and beautiful! Perfect cocktail recipe to make for holidays, bridal showers, and beyond.

pouring champagne into a glass filled with sherbet to make a sherbet Mimosa

These Sherbet Mimosas were one of the first recipes I put up back when I started The Cookie Rookie. The photos were…not great :) but the recipe has stood the test of time. Just this Christmas they have absolutely taken off again on FB and Pinterest (I’m kind of embarrassed that they were shared over 200k times on Pinterest with absolutely horrible photos!!!) I realized they were in a major need of a face lift.

It’s such a fun and easy cocktail for Christmas, Easter, wedding and baby showers, or even a girl’s weekend in. They’re simple, gorgeous, and fully customizable. You can pretty much make them any color or flavor. If you’d like them to be mocktails for the little ones, just use 7 up in place of the bubbly. So fun!

Fruit Sherbet Mimosa cocktails

4 cocktail glasses filled with sherbet mimosas next to a bottle of Korbel champagne

Sherbet Mimosa – Brunch Perfection

I wish I would have had this easy mimosa recipe for our wedding…this would have been a great one for the bridal brunch we had the day before.  They have an absolutely great flavor and are just so pretty.

Today I made blood orange, raspberry, and lemon, but you could make any flavor that the ice cream manufacturers come up with! OR you can make homemade sorbet, like this rhubarb sorbet from my blogging friend, Carolyn, or this mint lime sorbet from Holly. It’s super easy as well.

photo collage of Sherbet Mimosa cocktails garnished with slices of fruit

several cocktail glasses filled with various flavors of Sherbet Mimosas

You can make the mimosas extra simple, with just sherbet and champagne, or you can add in some juice or flavored vodka to give them an extra kick. Like I said, fully customizable. Make this easy cocktail recipe your own and wow your party guests!

I was surprised that I actually liked the lemon version the best.  It was really light and airy.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because I haven’t met a lemon drink or dessert I didn’t love.

3 sparkling champagne mimosas

close up image of an orange sherbet mimosa cocktail garnished with a slice of blood orange

Although you can could use any type of champagne…for a brunch mimosa like this, where the fruit flavors take over, you can get away with a cheap champagne.  Works for me!!!

tall stemmed glass holding a fruity mimosa cocktail with orange sherbet

I just think the sherbet mimosas are so pretty. I hope they make your Christmas morning, upcoming bridal shower, or just fun weekend with friends extra bright and vibrant. Cheers!

How to Make Sherbet Mimosas (recipe video)

Serves 1

Sherbet Mimosas

Sherbet Mimosas are a fun was to dress up any mimosa! Use the ice cream, sherbet, or sorbet flavor of your choice and mix with champagne. So fun, delicious, and beautiful! Perfect for holidays, bridal showers, and beyond.

5 minPrep Time

5 minTotal Time


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  • 4 smalls scoops of your favorite sherbet, sorbet, or ice cream
  • 1 tablespoon clementine vodka (1 T per drink) - optional. you could also use other flavors of vodka like sherbet vodka, or leave this step out completely.
  • Any type of champagne
  • Fresh fruit for garnish


  1. Fill your glass with 4 small scoops of sherbet or sorbet.
  2. Top with vodka if using.
  3. Top with champagne and garnish with fresh fruit.
  4. Enjoy!
117 cal
30 g
1 g

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These sound wonderful! Just happen to have some lime sherbet in the freezer now. (whizzed it up in the Ninja with a little Malibu rum....give that a try too...YUM!)
    We did this for our anniversary last year it was fantastic! We have also done orange sherbet with peach lambic (Lindemans Peche) and vanilla ice cream with cherry lambic (Lindemans Kriek). We are trying lime sherbet with cherry lambic next!
First of all they're called Sorbet. Read your labels. Secondly.... YUM. A springtime delight
    becky gall hardin
    it would work with either sorbet or sherbet. whichever is your favorite. thanks for stopping by!
      Raul Estrada
      If you want an alternative to lemon/lime soda, ginger ale works also and tastes great!
      Glad to see people that know that sorbet and sherbet are two totally differentingredients.😊
ABSOLUTELY fun, refreshing and [email protected]
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