Homemade Dog Treats

i’ve been doing the blog for over a year now…and scout has been by my side for every recipe.  she gets to sample some, but overall…she only gets to enjoy the smells.  she always stays close, smiles for the camera, and cuddles with me while i write the posts.  she’s such a good girl.  so i thought it was about time i made something just for her.  i finally learned how to make homemade dog treats! these are so simple and easy…and let me tell you…they were a BIG hit.

simple homemade dog treats! making these for my pup for Christmas!i made these with peanut butter, but you could substitute other pet friendly flavors.  sweet potato or pumpkin would make great substitutions!  the dough is very firm and sticky…don’t let that scare you.  you’re making it right! i rolled my dough to about half an inch thick before cutting out the shapes, and they turned out great.  the dough only rises slightly, so you can cut out almost any shape and it will hold.  i chose some small christmas shapes as well as my adorable “scout” cookie cutter from etsy.  you can find it HERE.  (check out our GIVEAWAY for a free cookie cutter from Name That Cookie HERE!!!!!!) Scout was so excited to eat her homemade dog treats!

simple homemade dog treats! making these for my pup for Christmas!

they bake up just like scout wanted them…crunchy and delicious.  and the best part?? they smell good.  peanut butter smell is much better than milkbone smell!  these homemade dog treats are cheap, easy, and your dog will love you even more once you’ve made them! :)

simple homemade dog treats! making these for my pup for Christmas!

these would make great (and CHEAP AND EASY) gifts for your favorite dog lover.

simple homemade dog treats! making these for my pup for Christmas!

aren’t they so cute?

simple homemade dog treats! making these for my pup for Christmas!

i think scout looks oh so sweet in cookie form.  she thought so too!

simple homemade dog treats! making these for my pup for Christmas!

she was a pretty good sport about getting some pictures in before she enjoyed her homemade dog treats.

simple homemade dog treats! making these for my pup for Christmas!

“well hello, pretty!”

simple homemade dog treats! making these for my pup for Christmas!


simple homemade dog treats! making these for my pup for Christmas!

at this point she was getting pretty annoyed with me :)

simple homemade dog treats! making these for my pup for Christmas!


simple homemade dog treats! making these for my pup for Christmas!she loved them!

simple homemade dog treats! making these for my pup for Christmas!

this makes a great gift for the dog lover, or the sweet pet in your life.  i look forward to making lots of different types in the future! merry christmas to you and to your pup :)

NOTE: there has been some discussion on whether or not peanut butter is safe for dogs.  I always do research before even thinking about feeding scout something that could be toxic…she’s my girl!! when researching for this post, I found this link from Cesar Milan’s website. (click HERE) peanut butter is actually a healthy food for dogs, containing vitamins and healthy fats.  as always, moderation is a key.  dogs can be allergic to things just like people.  if you feel uncomfortable using pb, other great alternatives would be pumpkin or sweet potato.  let me know if you have questions!!!

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peanut butter dog treats
make great homemade dog treats for your favorite pup, or favorite dog lover.
Recipe type: pet treat
  • 2½ cups whole wheat flour (see note below for substitutions)
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 cup natural peanut butter
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 1 egg
  • ***NOTE: some dogs are allergic to flour/wheat. if you want to make these wheat free, you can use rice flour of coconut flour as a replacement. they will work, but might change the consistency a bit. thanks so much to the readers who wrote it about this!
  1. preheat oven to 350F
  2. In a large bowl combine flour, baking powder, and the egg. Add peanut butter, water, honey and stir until you have stiff dough. the dough becomes very firm and sticky. you may need to use your hands, or the paddle attachment on your mixer.
  3. On a lightly floured surface, roll out the dough about ½ inch thick and use a cookie cutter to make fun shapes. the treats barely spread and rise, so get creative with your shapes.
  4. Bake for 20 minutes, until golden.
  5. keep in an airtight container or give as gifts!


18 Easy Homemade Pet Treats to spoil your furry friend!

Becky Hardin (480 Posts)

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    • says

      such a good question. I was actually just looking into this for someone on facebook. I’m going to keep doing some research…but initial thoughts would be oatmeal and some kind of brown rice flour or there’s also oat flour. you could also use quinoa flour or flax meal. I’m going to do some more looking into where you can purchase those items. thanks so much for the question! def want to keep the doggies out there feeling good :)

    • Debi says

      It’s best not to feed hard treats like this to dogs because they’re hard to digest and are not a natural food for them. They don’t digest grains and flour. It causes digestive problems and aggravates health conditions like allergies and seizures. Peanuts and peanut butter contain aflotoxins which cause cancer. People and animals are advised NOT to eat both items.

      • Toni says

        If you give your pet store bought treats, this is a safe healthy alternative. My dogs have had peanut butter in their treats for years. My yellow lab is 14 and hasn’t had any issues. Everything in moderation works best for pets, as well as humans.

        • says

          I agree about everything in moderation and I love your substitution for the tapioca flour. Pets can be allergic to almost anything, just like humans. Thanks for being such a thoughtful pet owner, and I really appreciate you stopping by!! Glad your lab liked the treats :) :) :)

      • teri says

        What? peanuts and peanut butter cause cancer?? I have NEVER heard that before! Cancer runs on both sides of my family so I’m careful with my diet. I eat natural peanut butter almost every day! I usually give some to my 9 year old dog as well and we are both healthy! As far as I know its a natural anti-inflammatory which helps prevent cancer.

        • Debi says

          My comment is based on facts, not that “giving treats is good for dogs.” No, only the correct food is good for dogs and the only correct diet for dogs is raw meat and bones. They don’t eat flour, make fire, bake anything…Poor and incorrect food along with vaccines is responsible for the poor health and shorter lives dogs have had for the last several decades. Before vaccines and “pet foods” dogs averageed life was 25 to 30 yrs without all these diseases they have now. Facts only are what’s important, not what people think or feel.

          • An says

            Facts are important, Debi, but this article on “naturalsociety.com” does not provide any. It cites minimal references, none of which actually describe a definitive link between peanut consumption and cancer. I would instead refer to peer-reviewed literature, like this article http://jn.nutrition.org/content/138/9/1757S.full.pdf+html, which indicates that the relationship is unclear, but possibly beneficial.

          • says

            Thanks for this article An. I know we are all constantly learning. I have heard and read that peanut butter is fine for dogs, although some dogs can definitely have an allergy, just like people. I appreciate all of the comments!

      • Sonya Wedge says

        That’s crazy….I would give my dog peanut butter for treats for years….she lived to be 16.5. Part of the problem might also be with pure bred dogs….they seem to have a lot more problems than mixed breeds.
        Thanks for the dog treat recipe; I just made them and I used molasses instead of honey.

  1. Brigette Britton says

    I was just reading the above comments. If a dog needs to be wheat free oats are generally not a good idea to use unless they are gluten free oats or oatmeal. Of course every dog is different. But with people who either have wheat sensitivities (gluten) or Celiac’s you can’t eat any type of flour and it includes the oats too. My dog has wheat issues and she can’t touch oatmeal anything :( Try in moderation for your dogs.
    Always as your vet too. All the recipes look amazing on here and I can’t wait to try them all out.

  2. says

    I’m questioning the honey. I’ve never added sweetner to my biscuits. Most, if not all commercialy sold honey isn’t honey at all, it’s corn syrup or something else. I make Christmas biscuits, I will defenitly try these minus the wheat and honey.

    • says

      all purpose flour is not very healthy for dogs, I used whole wheat flour and scout loved them, no adverse reaction. some people use the other flours because some dogs can be allergic, just like humans. the whole wheat flour is super easy to find, you can get it at any grocery store. hope that helps! thanks for stopping by :)

  3. barb says

    I put mine in a airtight container and they molded. This second batch I left get air are find. Freezing is also good.

  4. Tammy says

    I just made these cookies the cup of water makes it to gooy so I did another batch with only half a cup and they were flaky and they were greasy from all that peanut butter but my dog’s loved them just have to figure out a right amount of water for the right consistentcy, I would love to receive more easy dog cookie recipes for small dogs so I can try them I make peanut butter pumpkin cookies when I can find the pumpkin and I also made cinnamon rolls for my dog’s 1 didn’t like them.

    • says

      that makes me so happy!! that is so awesome that you’re a pet foster mom. I have always wanted to do that but we have a VERY finicky cat that would probably go off the deep end if we had dogs in and out. he was a foster kitty and i’m so grateful he was well taken care of before he was ours. thanks for doing that!!

  5. says

    Just whipped these up for my Oreo’s 2nd birthday!!! I used my KitchenAid stand mixer with the dough hook attachment, worked wonderfully!! Can’t wait to spoil him with these!! Thanks for the recipe!!

  6. says

    Just wondering what kind of peanut butter did you use? I found most peanut butter in grocery stores contains lots of sugar …

  7. says

    I know my dog would love these treats. I’ve always wanted to make my own dog treats homemade but I haven’t actually sat down and done it before. I think I will today, will get some of these dog treat cookie cutters and use your recipe here. My dog won’t wear a bow though ;)

  8. says

    Hello! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established blog.
    Is it very hard to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things
    out pretty fast. I’m thinking about creating my own but I’m not sure where
    to begin. Do you have any tips or suggestions? With thanks

  9. Patricia says

    Awesome recipe! My dogs loved these!!! I made these for the first time with coconut flour and my dogs loved them however the treats were very soft and crumbly lol. So I made another batch on another day with whole wheat and the treats turned out perfect! Not soft or crumbly anymore! Will make these always for my babies!!! They deserve it! Thanks for this awesome recipe!!!

    • says

      Yay!!! That makes me so happy. I just made cat treats and used coconut flour for the first time. I had the same results, a little crumbly. It worked for the cat treats, but I think you’re right about wheat flour being the way to go for these. Thanks SO much for the input!!

  10. annette says

    Thanks for the recipe.. I doubled the recipe and used whole wheat and oats so I could also feed to my horses…They Love Them….Thanks Again

  11. Missy says

    I made this recipe for my Corgi for his ninth birthday. He loves peanut butter, so I was excited to find this recipe. Not to mention it was so easy!

  12. Elizabeth says

    Hi, I was wondering if these could be done without honey? I don’t have any, and my dog has never had it. I fear he might be allergic.

  13. Laura says

    Have you tried these with pumpkin? Just wondering if you would use the same amount of pumpkin as you do peanut butter….and if you just get a can of pumpkin like you would to make pie or….??

    Thanks! Hoping to try making these this week!

    • says

      I haven’t tried them with pumpkin put I’ve heard pumpkin is great in dog treats, I’ve been wanting to try. I would think a bit less than the pb since its not as thick (not sure though since I haven’t done it). I also think you would buy the plain canned pumpkin, should work!

  14. Debi says

    Paanuts and peanut butter contain aflotoxins which cause cancer. People and dogs are advised NOT to eat both. Almond butter is good for both and works well as a small treat for dogs or in a recipe.

  15. KT says

    I made these for a pet treat bake sale, and they were very easy to make. However, even though I used the listed amounts of ingredients, they didn’t turn out “dog treat” consistency. they were a bit crumbly and just tasted like dough, couldn’t really taste the peanut butter. Maybe I’ll add some smooth peanut butter “icing?”

  16. Emily says

    I made these as a Christmas treat for all the friends in my life with dogs (and my own puppy, of course), and they are a HUGE hit.
    I changed the recipe a bit based on what I had on hand… I ran out of peanut butter halfway through, so I used half peanut butter and half pumpkin puree (canned). The pumpkin puree was pretty wet, so I left out the water altogether, and it worked out perfectly!! Thank you for the recipe!

  17. Cassandra says

    My picky dogs LOVED these cookies!!!! they have never liked the ones weve baked in the past but this is cheaper and better than any treat in the store. and theyve NEVER eaten store bought peanut butter snacks especially. they went nuts for these. so did my neighbors dogs :) thank u so much for this simple amazing recipe

  18. Jordan P says

    I just made these for my brother and his new dog for Christmas and they were so easy to make! I tried them out on my 4 dogs (two of which are extremely picky eaters) and all 4 of them ATE THEM UP and begged for more! Thank you for the recipe!

  19. Emily says

    I substituted the honey with unsweetened applesauce and only added water after I mixed the dough (about 3/4c) added as needed. Worked great! After rolling them out and cutting them into shapes we added dehydrated beef liver pieces to the top after about 3 minutes of cooking. Dogs loved them and my stepson (3.5 yr) loved making them, easy to make and easy to cleanup. My stepson also tried a cookie (non beef liver one) and lived them too!

    • says

      That sounds great with the applesauce, I’ve actually been wanting to make a new treat with applesauce, so your ideas are making the wheels turn even more!! So glad your dog loved them, and I admit my niece might have tried one and liked it as well!! hahaha. Have a great new year!

  20. Rachel M says

    Hello! love this recipe! How long do you think these will last in an airtight container?
    Also- not needed to refrigerate?
    I’m planning to gift them (most of them at least! my pup may not allow me to gift ALL of them ;)
    Thanks for your help!

  21. says

    Great recipe for making homemade treats. Homemade treats are safe and cheap compared to the packed dog treats. It can be made easily with just few simple steps. Thanks for sharing!

  22. says

    Becky, my pup loves anything peanut butter so these will be perfect for him. When it comes to the sweet potato, he doesn’t seem to care much for the flavor. Picky Huskies, what can you do? :P Thanks for the recipe!

  23. says

    I have not tried these yet on my dog or any dog but I volunteer at the Kansas humane society and we are supposed to bring out own dog treats and I thought that it would be fun to give the dogs and puppies a little spin on something that they are not used t! Do u think that they will like them? All dogs?

    • says

      That’s so awesome you’re a volunteer at the Humane Society! We love rescued pets! :) I think the animals will all like these, dogs love PB! :) I would just make them smaller to appeal to all sizes. Thanks for stopping by!

  24. says

    I wanted to take a moment and introduce Big Bark (www.bigbarkonline.com). We are an online community of big dog (40 pounds and over!) lovers and parents. We are in the process of updating our website and creating new EBooks for our members and followers.
    The first EBook we are putting together is all about homemade dog treats and we LOVE your recipe! (we already pinned it on our most popular Pinterest board!)
    We would like to use your recipe and photos – with a link back to your blog of course! It’s free and a great way to get your blog shared. If you have interest in being included in our upcoming EBook please email me at [email protected]. Thanks! Andrea, Owner & Founder, Big Bark

  25. says

    Here is a really easy peanut butter recipe- mix together a cup of milk with a cup (or more) of peanut butter then in a SEPARATE bowl mix together 2 cups of flour, a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of baking powder. Bake for 15 mins on 350. Enjoy!

    Amy Whincester


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