Caramel Pretzels (Mini Butter Toffee Pretzels)

These CARAMEL PRETZELS are divine! If you’re looking for an easy sweet treat, these mini BUTTER TOFFEE PRETZELS are a must-try. These mini toffee pretzels are simple yet addicting…making them the ultimate holiday snack.

Mini caramel pretzels dipped in butter toffee

Caramel Pretzels – Butter Toffee Pretzels

These little Caramel Pretzels have my heart. They’re so tiny, SO ADDICTING, so cute, and so easy. What more can you ask for from a holiday recipe?

I feel like because they’re mini pretzels I can eat like…100…and it’s no problem. Is that so wrong?? These butter toffee pretzels are the perfect combination of salty and sweet, and are just begging for you to make them for Christmas. There’s still time! Make them today! You won’t regret it.

These Mini Caramel Pretzels are a sweet and salty Christmas treat!

Glass jar filled with caramel pretzels

Mini toffee pretzels spilling out of glass jar

Mini Caramel Pretzels are an easy Holiday Gift

Although these mini caramel pretzels are awesome to hoard and keep all for yourself, they also make a great homemade holiday gift. Who wouldn’t want to receive a tin of these delicious Butter Toffee Pretzels? I know I would! You definitely have a teacher, friend, coworker, or neighbor on your Christmas list that deserves this homemade sweet treat.

Butter toffee pretzels arranged on a white board

Jar of mini caramel pretzels

Mom brought these mini caramel pretzels over the other morning and I was instantly hooked. I could have eaten the entire jar! I refuse to admit how many I actually ate. They’re so small…I can’t help it! Don’t judge me. It’s Christmas. We don’t count calories during Christmas.

Mini butter toffee pretzels

Make some of these delicious Mini Caramel Pretzels for an easy holiday gift, or keep them all to yourself. Either way, you’ll love making them!

CLICK HERE to grab the recipe for these BUTTER TOFFEE PRETZELS from my Mom’s blog, Simply Sated. Merry Christmas!

(Some people have expressed frustration over me linking to my Mom’s site rather than posting the full recipe here. I usually put the full recipe up (there are over 1000 full recipes on the site), but this recipe was special and is 100% hers, so I wanted to link to her instead so you all could be aware of her awesome blog. Hope you understand! Click either link in the paragraph above for the full recipe)

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I don't see a recipe. Did I miss it? Am I missing a link? Or did you get distracted eating the last of the pretzels and forgot to post that part? ;-)
    Oh, hey! Found it! It's in Large letters, so I completely missed it. /facepalm
      Becky Hardin
      No worries! I know its confusing when I link to my Mom's site sometimes. I appreciate you hopping over there and for stopping by here. Merry Christmas!
Albert Bevia
I don´t care if the holidays are over, I am making these butter toffee pretzels...they look and sound amazing! Heading over to your moms blog now for the recipe :)
Salty sweet perfection. These look so stinking good- perfect to have around for a party!
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