Homemade Chex Mix Recipe (BEST Party Mix)

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This Chex Mix Recipe is something my Mom has been making since I was a little kid. It’s the BEST Party Mix! It doesn’t get better than this mix of cereal, nuts, pretzels, and all that spice! A little bit sweet and little bit spicy. It’s perfect for Christmas, tailgating, Summer BBQs, and every day in between. SO ADDICTING!

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Chex Mix Recipe

This Homemade Snack mix is the ultimate easy snack mix recipe. If you haven’t tried Party Mix, it’s about time you did.

This Chex Mix Recipe has been in my family for years and years. My mom, Susie, knows how to make a goooooood Party Mix. I actually offended her recently when I said ‘Hey we should make Grandma Gall’s party mix for the blog…the one she used to put out every Christmas’. She corrected me VERY quickly. Apparently this is SUSIE’S party mix.

I like to call it the BEST CHEX MIX RECIPE EVER. It is really really good…addicting, actually (just ask my dad; He always gets to it first and takes all of the cashews). Bottom line is–you will love this chex party mix.

Once I show you how to make Chex Mix at home, you’ll never eat store-bought stuff again. You won’t need to! It’s so easy to make at home, and so much tastier too. Try it to believe it!

How to Make Chex Mix 

This Party Mix Recipe is yet another simple recipe. It’s SO easy and basically hands off. In the pictures below you will see the main steps (Note: It’s an old picture, one of the first from our site.)

Wondering how to make this Chex Mix Recipe? It’s really as simple as this:

  1. Put all the cereal and nuts into a large bowl.
  2. In a stove-top pan, melt the butter, adding Worcestershire sauce and spices.
  3. Mix well.
  4. Pour the butter mixture over the cereal, stirring to make sure that it is evenly distributed.
  5. Then you bake! THEN YOU EAT!

Make sure you check the recipe card below for the full recipe, and watch our video for a more updated step by step process.

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Making Homemade Chex Mix is easy!

I know it’s really easy to go into the grocery store and buy a bunch of bags of Chex Mix, but trust me, you’ll WANT to be making it at home from now on. This Homemade Chex Mix recipe is really simple, and it tastes even better than the original store-bought stuff.

Homemade snack mixes always taste fresher and just have more flavor. You can taste every individual ingredient. Just like my Homemade Gardetto’s, this Chex Party Mix is always on the table at parties.


  • Crispix Cereal
  • Rice Chex Cereal
  • Honey Chex Cereal
  • Original Cheerios
  • Honey Nut Cheerios
  • Pretzel Fish
  • Whole Cashews
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Seasoning Salt
  • Cayenne Pepper (optional)

We love this recipe as is, but you can also add in more extras, even something sweet like m&ms! That would make it more of a trail mix, but it would still be utterly delicious. Play with the recipe and make it your own. Like I said, this party mix recipe will make you famous!

Make Ahead Party Mix

This Party Mix Recipe is perfect for making ahead in bulk, freezing, and then enjoying whenever you want. It’s also great for homemade gifts!

My mom always makes a ton of this and freezes it. She sends us home from Christmas dinner with large freezer bags of this goodness. It’s not necessarily great for the waist line but it’s really great for the soul. It’s just too delicious. There’s nothing better than sitting together visiting and catching up with a bowl of Homemade Chex Mix in hand. Feels like home.

spoon of chex party mix recipe

spoonful of chex party mix recipe

How many calories are in Chex Party Mix?

We have calculated below that each portion of this Chex Party Mix is approximately 200 calories. This recipe makes 17-18 cups of party mix, so I’m using a heaping handful as a serving. If you’re like my dad, then you might eat about 5 servings in a sitting, so keep that in mind.

How long will this homemade Chex Mix recipe keep?

Properly stored in an airtight container, this homemade Chex Mix recipe should keep 4-6 weeks. Just be sure to fully seal the container each and every time. You can also freeze it in freezer-friendly bags for 4-6 months. 

What ingredients are in Seasoned Salt?

There are a ton of spices in seasoned salt, so I always recommend just buying the pre-made stuff at the grocery store. If you do want to make your own at home, you definitely can. It’s a mix of salt, sugar, paprika, turmeric, onion powder, and garlic.

side shot of chex mix

up close shot of chex party mix recipe

This recipe really does bring back memories of Christmas. My mom would have it every year and we would snack on it while watching movies together, playing games, or opening presents. (Looking back on it…popcorn probably would have been the healthier alternative…) If you ask me what snack mix I crave more than anything, it will always be this!

This homemade Chex Mix Recipe is a must make for any game day too! If you’re looking for other options, be sure to check out all of our favorite tailgating recipes. You should also look at all of our drink recipes…because nothing goes better with this snack than a great Margarita (or is that just me?).

Watch the VIDEO or See the recipe card below for full details on how to make this this recipe. Enjoy!

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