Easy Thanksgiving Entertaining with Milo’s Tea

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We are always on the hunt for easy entertaining ideas around the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the entirety of Fall are filled with opportunities to get together with friends and family; but that doesn’t mean enjoying guests has to be exhausting. We have some tips and tricks for simple Thanksgiving entertaining using our very favorite brand of Sweet Tea, Milo’s Tea!

A toddler boy hugging a yellow labrador retriever with a table behind them.

We are a low maintenance family. We like to get together and have a great time, but without the stress that some entertaining can bring. I’m talking come as you are, stay as long as you’d like, and enjoy little entertaining hacks that keep things simple and easy. 

Every Thanksgiving, we aren’t sure what to do with all the leftovers. My Mom is an amazing cook, and we are so spoiled by all the mains, sides, and desserts. This year, we plan to keep things basic with reheated sides, pulled bbq turkey sandwiches, and of course, Milo’s Sweet Tea. 

A table set with Thanksgiving Decor and Milos Sweet Tea

A gallon of Milo's Sweet Tea and glasses sitting on a table

A women pouring Milo's Sweet Tea into glasses filled with ice inside of a kitchen

Photo collage of Milo's Sweet Tea next to white pumpkins and a family serving food to each other at Thanksgiving Dinner

Easy Table Decor

Like I said earlier, I’m not fancy. I’m not fancy, but I love things to be beautiful. I kept things easy to set up and easy to clean up by using a simple matching table runner and linen set, decorating with fresh flowers (always in season), and some decorative pumpkins that I can pull out year round. I love things to look light and airy so I added one string of bulb lights behind our outdoor table. I think it makes the scene so inviting and fun, but not overdone. 

We serve our food family style so everyone can take as much or as little as they want, and I think it invites people to feel at home instantly. 

I set up an indoor Tea Station inside where the adults and kids could get all the Milo’s Sweet Tea their hearts desired, and garnish as they’d like with fruit (oranges, lemons, and strawberries) or fresh mint. Little touches go a long way!

Milos Sweet Tea sitting on a table with food being passed around

Kids sitting at a smaller table with a gallon of tea on the table and adults behind them

Kids putting cups together to cheers drinks

Milo’s Tea

You guys, there is simply NO TEA on the market like Milo’s Tea. For this party we served their Famous Sweet Tea, but I also love their Unsweet Tea and No Calorie Sweet Tea (heaven). 

Milo’s is an award-winning tea that is free of all preservatives and added acids. You notice right away the clean and clear taste, and that’s because its ingredient list is as simple as this holiday party. It’s simply tea leaves, water, and cane sugar, just like if you made it at home. We are in LOVE with it and I feel great about serving it to Henry. Milo’s is the ultimate drink to serve at holiday parties because it’s loved by all, and goes with everything!

I love saving time and avoiding stress around the holidays by always serving Milo’s Sweet Tea!

You can find Milo’s Tea in the refrigerated juice section of your local grocer, or check their handy store locator to find near you. 

An older couple cheersing their glasses with Milo's Sweet Tea in front of them

A hand putting brisket on a plate

Close up view of a plate filled with green beans, mashed potatoes, and a bun with brisket

Entertaining with Thanksgiving Leftovers 

We kept the food simple by reheating our favorite Thanksgiving sides; green beans, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and cranberry sauce. We tossed the leftover Thanksgiving turkey in the slow cooker to heat up with some bbq sauce. Once the turkey is heated through, simply shred with two forks. Serve over homemade rolls garnished with coleslaw! SO DELICIOUS and easy. I aim to please!

This holiday meal was super kid friendly and required almost zero prep. My kind of meal! Served with Milo’s Tea, we were in heaven. 

A couple at a dinner table clanking their drinks together

A family of three sitting at a dinner table smiling at each other

Holiday entertaining shouldn’t be stressful or overdone. It truly is about the time spent with loved ones, not how long the food or decorations took to prepare. I hope this holiday season you’ll focus on simple recipes, and serve them alongside Milo’s Tea for a special treat for all involved!

A young boy hugging his dog

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Be sure to check out Milo’s Tea and find out where to buy HERE


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