Homemade Strawberry Vodka & Spiked Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Floats

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You can make HOMEMADE STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE VODKA at home! SO easy and tastes amazing! Perfect with SPIKED STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE ICE CREAM FLOATS! The ultimate Summer treat.

Homemade Strawberry Vodka with a delicious twist is so easy to make at home! It’s the perfect vodka to use for our Spiked Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Floats. This is the ultimate summer treat!

strawberry vodka in a mason jar

Strawberry Vodka (Homemade)

Get creative and make homemade strawberry shortcake vodka, and then turn it into a strawberry shortcake ice cream float. This is like two recipes in one!

I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot with this recipe. Of all the cocktails and mocktails I’ve made on the site (and I’ve made a lot), this is one of my very favorites. Homemade Strawberry Vodka with a vanilla twist just screams summer fun. It’s tart, simple, and DELICIOUS.

This homemade vodka recipe can be used for so many cool drinks. Splash it in with club soda for a quick and fun cocktail, or layer it with juices and ice cream for Spiked Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Floats. That’s what we did here for the ultimate summer cocktail!

When I tell you I crave those floats morning noon and night, I DO! If you haven’t tried making your own liqueurs, they are a must. It’s so much easier than you’d think, and they make great homemade gifts, or just affordable alcohol to keep in your fridge for the fun times. I’m obsessed!

Learn how to make Strawberry Shortcake Vodka AND Strawberry Shortcake Floats!

mason jar filled with sliced strawberries

jars filled with strawberries and vodka

Strawberry Shortcake Vodka

I’m beyond thrilled and honored to be partnering with Everclear® to come up with fun infusions this year. (Remember the amazing Peach Tea Vodka I made last month?) I had no idea just how crazy easy it is to make Everclear transform into fun flavored vodkas, liqueurs, or schnapps.

Everclear has created a GORGEOUS website, Make It Your Own by Everclear®, where they have compiled tons of amazing recipes for infusions; everything and every flavor you can think of. Everclear® is a 190 proof grain alcohol with no taste, making it the perfect clean slate for flavors. It’s fast to pull flavor from the ingredients you’re adding and you don’t even need much! It should be diluted 1:1 with filtered water because of its strength (this is IMPORTANT). One bottle goes a long way, making this SO cost effective.

The possibilities are endless, not to mention fun! As soon as you taste the tart/sweet/perfect flavor of this Strawberry Shortcake Vodka you’ll be a believer. Making your own vodka is the way to go!

You can make HOMEMADE STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE VODKA at home! SO easy and tastes amazing! Perfect with SPIKED STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE ICE CREAM FLOATS! The ultimate Summer treat.

strawberry shortcake ice cream float

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Float

Once you have amazing Strawberry Vodka, you need an amazing cocktail to go with it! Since it’s summer, ice cream is a must! So why not try a Spiked Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Float? These are just what you need to get any party started, especially in this heat we have been having. Creamy, delicious, and fun…my kind of drink!

  1. To make this float, just use the strawberry vodka you made and follow a few steps:
  2. Thoroughly mix 3 ounces of strawberry shortcake vodka with strawberry juice.
  3. Add a few scoops of vanilla ice cream into a tall glass and pour the vodka/juice mixture over it.

That’s it! Drink up and enjoy. This is SO refreshing on a hot summer day.

strawberry shortcake vodka float in a tall glass

You can make HOMEMADE STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE VODKA at home! SO easy and tastes amazing! Perfect with SPIKED STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE ICE CREAM FLOATS! The ultimate Summer treat.

How to Make Strawberry Shortcake Vodka

Okay, before you can make that amazing ice cream float, you need to make the strawberry shortcake vodka. And it’s so easy to do! You just need vodka, water, fresh strawberries, a simple syrup, and vanilla extract.

To Make:

  1. Fill a 32 ounce mason jar with the sliced strawberries, and then pour in the vodka.
  2. Seal the jar, shake lightly, and then refrigerate the vodka for at least 48 hours. 
  3. Pour the vodka through a fine mesh strainer to separate from the strawberries, then pour the vodka back into the jar.
  4. Add in the simple syrup, vanilla extract, and filtered water and stir.
  5. Seal it back up and refrigerate until ready to use!

strawberry ice cream float with glass straws

The moral of this story is that making your own brightly flavored vodkas at home is the best way to entertain! I hope you love this Strawberry Shortcake Vodka as much as we do (and those floats!).

See the recipe card for details on how to make Strawberry Vodka and Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Floats. Enjoy!


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