Frozen Cherry Limeade Margarita Recipe

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Cherry Limeade Margaritas are the perfect summer cocktail. This frozen margarita recipe is tart, tangy, and DELICIOUS! The perfect frozen limeade margarita recipe with a cherry twist. Such a fun recipe for happy hour with friends!

cherry limeade margarita topped with cherries

Cherry Limeade Margarita

This cherry limeade margarita is the perfect frozen margarita recipe for the heat of summer!

As a kid, my very favorite drink in the WORLD was a cherry limeade from Sonic. That flavor always reminds me of summertime, no matter what time of year it is. I finally made my own Homemade Cherry Limeade recipe (there’s a regular version and a cocktail version), but that just isn’t enough. 

I had to take it up a notch and create this amazing Cherry Limeade Margarita recipe for the ultimate summer happy hour. Okay, better yet, it’s a FROZEN limeade margarita, because icy drinks are a necessity on pool days.

I have made a lot of drinks (specifically a lot of margaritas) on my blog, but these Cherry Limeade Margaritas are one of the tastiest and easiest. They are tart and sweet at the same time, a cherry-flavored drink to cherish. Sipping on this deliciousness seems to be the perfect way to welcome in the summer months! 

Blend up this icy margarita in less than 5 minutes for a quick and delicious summer cocktail!

frozen margarita in a blender

dipping a margarita glass in a plate of salt

Frozen Limeade Margarita

When summer rolls around every year, all I want to do is lay by the pool sipping on frozen margaritas. Imagine how good it feels to drink this icy cherry limeade margarita to replenish in the hot sun.

I love Homemade Limeade for an alcohol-free way to cool off, but this frozen limeade margarita can’t be beat when it’s just the adults by the pool.

This cocktail really is a taste of summer, one sip at a time. This will definitely be my cocktail of choice for Cinco De Mayo, summer pool parties, and happy hours at home!

cherry limeade margaritas

frozen limeade margaritas in glasses

How to Make Cherry Limeade Margaritas

One of the best things about this frozen cherry limeade margarita recipe is how easy and quick it is to prepare. You can’t go wrong with a cocktail that only requires three ingredients! All you need is limeade concentrate, tart cherry juice, and tequila (plus lots of ice).

To Make:

  1. Pour the limeade concentrate, water, cherry juice, and tequila into a blender, then fill it up with ice.
  2. Blend on high until the ice crushes up and smooths out. You can keep it a little crunchy if you want an icy texture, or get it to a nice blended consistency.
  3. Salt the rims of your glasses, pour the margaritas, and top off with cherries and lime slices.

Sounds like the perfect summer drink to me! Summer cocktails should not be complicated. Luckily this one is as easy as can be! Be sure to watch the video for a quick tutorial.

overhead view of frozen margarita

frozen cherry margaritas

Frozen Margarita Recipes

I love love love margaritas. I even have an entire guide to the Best Margarita Recipes (some favorites from myself and some other bloggers). I’m not playing around when it comes to this delicious cocktail! 

This frozen cherry limeade margarita recipe is an all-time fave, but I’ve got plenty of frozen margarita recipes to fill those hot summer days. Here are my favorites!

Best Frozen Margarita Recipes

These frozen margaritas are perfect for cooling off on hot summer days!

close up on cherry limemade margarita

I can’t wait for you to sip on this super tasty, super refreshing Cherry Limeade Margarita recipe! If you like cherry limeade and frozen margaritas, then this will be your absolute favorite cocktail ever!

Watch the Video and Check the recipe card for full details on how to make this Cherry Limeade Margarita. Enjoy!

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