perfect stovetop bacon crumbles

Susie here, checking in to give you more valuable how-tos! This trick is so simple, and yet SO helpful.

Stove-top crumbled bacon is one of the greatest things I have learned within the past two years. This is genius and I’m disappointed in myself for not figuring it out sooner in life. For all the times a recipe calls for crumbled, crispy bacon, this is the go-to thing to do. This is one of those great little nuggets of info that saves a ton of time and the results are great…so…here goes.



1 lb. bacon – FROZEN (it is much easier to cut when frozen and keeps much longer)


Take the bacon out of the freezer and open the package.

Using a sharp, large knife, cut the bacon into ¼ in. slices cutting across the bacon. *use only the amount needed for your recipe and place the rest in the freezer*

Place the bacon in a medium-hot skillet and as it heats, break the bacon apart while stirring.

perfect stovetop bacon crumbles

Cook the bacon until you get your desired results, take it out with a slotted spoon and drain on a paper towel.

I keep the bacon grease (refrigerated) to use as needed in other recipes.

perfect stovetop bacon crumbles

*I’m telling you – this works out beautifully and you will be so pleased with yourself. It is great for salads, potato toppings, scrambled eggs – any recipe to which you love adding crumbled bacon. (GREAT in calgary stampede cakes!)

perfect stovetop bacon crumbles


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