Green Mint Vanilla Milk (Fun St Patty’s Day Drinks for Kids)

Vanilla Milk with a green mint twist will be a favorite St Patty’s Day drink for kids! We make Green Mint Vanilla Milk (aka Leprechaun Milk) every St. Patrick’s Day. It’s fun and tasty, and it makes for a great surprise for the kids!

green milk in glasses with green straws

Vanilla Milk with Green Mint

This green Vanilla Milk is the perfect treat for kids on St. Patrick’s Day. It has an added green mint flavor to make it extra tasty!

Waking up to green milk in the fridge is one of my very favorite St. Patrick’s Day traditions (THANK YOU, Mom aka Simply Sated). Whether it really was the leprechauns, or just my mom sneaking down to drop some food coloring into the milk jug, I SO looked forward to that green cereal as a kid. So much fun and magic.

I was never the kid who wanted to drink milk straight, green or not, so I’ve made this fun green mint flavored milk! If you’re like me, a little flavor goes a long way! It really adds to the vanilla milk flavor for something extra delicious.

Vanilla Mint Green Milk is fun, festive, and perfect for kids and adults alike. Pat doesn’t know what’s about to hit him on the 17th!

Surprise the kids this St. Patrick’s Day with a delicious Green Mint Vanilla Milk is the refrigerator!

glasses of green milk

close up on a glass of green milk with green rim

Leprechaun Milk

I’ve always called this green vanilla milk “Leprechaun Milk” because it seemed to just show up in the refrigerator every St. Patty’s Day morning. As a kid, seeing a green treat waiting for me when I woke up felt so magical. Where did it come from? Must be leprechauns!

If your kiddos love milk, then you can just add a few drops of food coloring to make it Magic Leprechaun Milk. Not rocket science, I realize. But sometimes super easy recipes are also super fun! Why not post about them?

I wish I had some pictures of me as a kid, opening up the refrigerator door to find the green vanilla milk. Just too fun. You better believe this will be a yearly tradition with our kids. And because I’m an adult who wants everything to taste the best way possible, I’ll be making mine Vanilla Mint Milk! T

a jug of milk in background, two glasses of green milk in foreground

Make the kids extra happy on St. Patrick's Day with Vanilla Mint Green Milk! We make Leprechaun Milk every St Patricks Day! So fun and tasty too. Vanilla Mint Milk for the win!

How to Make Green Mint Vanilla Milk for St. Patty’s Day

Vanilla Mint Green Milk happens to be my favorite St. Patrick’s Day tradition. Just because I’m an adult now doesn’t mean I want to skip over it on St. Patty’s Day! The great thing about this drink is how easy it is to make.

It’s basically just milk plus green food coloring. And if you want to add more flavor, you can add in drops of mint extract and/or vanilla extract. Add one, both, or neither, depending on your preferred flavor. But the green food coloring is the MUST in order to make this green milk for St. Patrick’s Day.

You can use skim milk, whole milk, almond milk, or any type of milk you prefer. Vanilla almond milk would be a great way to add some flavor without the extracts.

tall glass of green mint milk

Do you have any favorite St. Patrick’s Day traditions?! Is it Corned Beef and Cabbage Sliders or maybe Shamrock Shakes for all? So many fun options! I want to hear your favorite things to eat/drink on this special holiday. Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day!

See the recipe card for details on how to make Green Mint Vanilla Milk for St. Patty’s Day. Enjoy!


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Vanilla Milk with a green mint twist will be a favorite St Patty's Day drink for kids! We make Green Mint Vanilla Milk (aka Leprechaun Milk) every St. Patrick's Day. It's fun and tasty, and it makes for a great surprise for the kids! #thecookierookie #stpatricksday #stpattysday #green #milk #holidayrecipes

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