Baked Ranch Chicken with Bacon (Chicken Bacon Ranch)

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Baked Ranch Chicken with Bacon (Chicken Bacon Ranch) is one of my favorite Chicken Breast Recipes! This Bacon Ranch Chicken is super simple (only FIVE ingredients!), absolutely fool-proof, and has so much flavor. Your baked chicken will come out juicy and tender every single time covered in the easiest and tastiest bacon ranch sauce. Ranch Chicken has never tasted better!

Ranch Baked Chicken with Bacon in the pan

Ranch Chicken Recipe with Bacon

This Ranch Baked Chicken with Bacon is the type of easy recipe I built this site on. It’s perfect every time, loved by all, and oh so simple!

All hail the Baked Bacon Ranch Chicken! You guys made yourselves loud and clear when I posted our 4 Ingredient Creamy Caesar Chicken. It quickly rose to one of the most popular recipes on The Cookie Rookie within weeks of when I published. I knew I had to think of some other easy options that were similar but with different flavors, and this Ranch Baked Chicken with Bacon was formed!

Just like the Caesar Chicken and Southwest Baked Chicken, this Bacon Ranch Chicken is a Melt in Your Mouth favorite with only a handful of ingredients and SO much flavor. You cannot make this wrong…I promise you you’ll look like a 5 star chef with minimal effort! That’s my job. 

Ranch Baked Chicken will be your family’s new favorite weeknight meal. This recipe will be requested again and again. I guarantee it!

Bacon Ranch Chicken top down in the pan

Baked Ranch Chicken with Bacon plated

Baked Ranch Chicken with Bacon

Baked Ranch Chicken with Bacon is a classic and EASY weeknight meal.

I love that this Bacon Ranch Chicken is the type of meal that everyone will love. It’s one of my favorite 30 minute meals! Everyone from my Dad down to my 1 year old son devoured their portions and asked for seconds. IF there’s any leftover after dinner, it reheats like a dream for lunch the next day or even supper the following night. There’s no way to have a bad day when you know this Ranch Chicken is waiting for you.

I love that so many people have told me they love to make our Creamy Caesar Chicken for dinner parties. It’s fool-proof and so versatile; loved by all. Don’t tell anyone, but I actually think I prefer this Baked Bacon Ranch Chicken. The flavors are so simple, yet so classic. You’re gonna love it!

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how to make ranch chicken with bacon process shots

Serving Suggestions

This baked chicken pairs beautifully with so many side dishes, from a simple Caesar Salad to Easy Roasted Vegetables or Steamed Rice. Here are some other sides we love to serve with this Ranch Chicken:

Baked Bacon Ranch Chicken up close and plated

Baked Chicken with Bacon and Ranch plated and sliced

How long does it take to Bake Ranch Chicken?

It should take about 20-30 minutes for this chicken to be cooked through. You’ll know chicken is done when it’s juices run clear when poked with a sharp knife and it’s no longer pink. I’m always careful to make sure my chicken is fully cooked, but I also am very careful to not overcook. No one likes dry chicken!!

This recipe is fool-proof because of the sour cream sauce that covers as it cooks. Ranch and sour cream cover the chicken to keep it moist while it cooks. That’s why it’s fool proof! You cannot mess up this recipe.

What is the temperature for cooking chicken in the oven?

We chose to cook this recipe at 375°F. I like that temperature for ensuring the chicken stays tender while it cooks. You’ll see all kinds of variations online, and none are wrong, this is just our preference!

What is the internal temperature for Baked Chicken Breast?

The FDA is very clear that chicken should be cooked to 165°F.I always recommend people buy a quality quick digital meat thermometer to keep in the kitchen. It’s one of my most used items in the kitchen! I like this one because it actually lists internal temps for different types of meat right on the thermometer, and it’s reasonably priced. WIN!

up close picture of ranch baked chicken with bacon plated

up close picture of sliced ranch baked chicken

What kind of Ranch Dressing did you use for this recipe?

I always use a thick and creamy ranch dressing when I make this recipe. You really can’t go wrong with just picking your family’s favorite. This time we used our own Homemade Ranch Recipe but if you want to use store bought, that’s okay too! Just pick a creamy option and go with it!

Are there any ways to make this healthier?

Yes! Here are a few tips to make this baked chicken recipe healthier:

  • Make your own creamy ranch (linked above) to cut calories. Homemade always makes things a little bit better for you.
  • Or make a low cal ranch dip by using powdered ranch seasoning and greek yogurt.
  • You can also use lite sour cream or even greek yogurt in the sauce.
  • If you are really committed to health, you can skip the bacon completely for a delicious ranch chicken recipe. (But of course I recommend you leave the bacon just where it is!)

up close overhead shot of ranch baked chicken with bacon in the pan


Watch the video or see the recipe card below for full details on how to make Bacon Ranch Chicken!

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