Chicken and Sweet Potato Enchiladas

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CHICKEN AND SWEET POTATO ENCHILADAS are a healthy and delicious way to enjoy Mexican night! We love these tasty sweet potato black bean enchiladas and make them on the regular. This Chicken and Sweet Potato recipe is filled with vegetables and all kinds of good stuff. They are definitely a new favorite! This is a great way to make Healthy Chicken Enchiladas!


Chicken and Sweet Potato Enchiladas 

Chicken and Sweet Potato Enchiladas are a fun, fresh, and healthy way to indulge in Mexican cuisine!

These Chicken and Sweet Potato Enchiladas are SO good, and quite surprising. I’m used to the good ole’ chicken and cheese enchiladas covered in enchilada sauce. But this fresh, vegetable-rich version is giving them a run for their money. What’s not to love about chicken and sweet potato black bean enchiladas?

I have always loved sweet potatoes, and recently have really enjoyed cooking with them. In the past, I’ve made Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes, Baked Sweet Potato Chips, Sweet Potato Casserole, and even Loaded Sweet Potato Chips! They are such a versatile ingredient, tasting delicious whether savory or sweet. And now this chicken and sweet potato recipe is a new favorite!

I am absolutely LOVING these Chicken and Sweet Potato Enchiladas. Both Pat and I were shocked at just how good they are. They just have such a fresh taste. You guys know that I love easy and delicious meals, and these enchiladas fit the bill!

Try this Chicken and Sweet Potato Enchiladas recipe for a healthier Mexican night meal!

bowl of veggies to be added

Chicken and Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas

I adapted this sweet potato black bean enchiladas recipe from the brilliant blog, Damn Delicious. I made a couple changes, like adding the chicken and corn and skipping the chiles, but otherwise, I followed her instructions. They are delicious indeed! I’m so glad I tried this recipe.

I love how the flavors of the sweet potatoes mix with the black beans, chicken, and salsa verde. YUM. Plus they’re stuffed with corn, onions, and topped with fresh avocado, tomatoes, and lots of sour cream. And did I mention the CHEESE? I’ve made many sweet potato recipes in my day, but this just might be my favorite now. I love making these chicken and sweet potato enchiladas for dinner!

Healthy Chicken and Sweet Potato Recipe

Healthy is a relative term if you ask me. But these chicken and sweet potato enchiladas are definitely a healthier alternative to traditional Mexican enchiladas. We’re stuffing these full of healthy, nutrient-rich ingredients, like sweet potatoes, black beans, and tons of veggies. Plus they’re baked and then topped with avocado and tomatoes.

Sure, there’s plenty of fat and calories in the cheese and sour cream, but those 2 ingredients are totally optional. The flavor is well worth it, but these chicken and sweet potato enchiladas would be just as good without the dairy.

enchiladas by chopped tomatoes and sour cream

healthy enchiladas in a baking dish

Vegetarian Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas

I made this sweet potato black bean enchiladas recipe with chicken to add some sustenance (and because I just love chicken!). But this could easily be made as a vegetarian recipe. With all of the vegetables, potatoes, and beans, these enchiladas would still be super hearty (and packed with protein) without the chicken.

To make vegetarian sweet potato black bean enchiladas, just follow the recipe below as is, but cut out the chicken. Easy as that! I might have to try that out soon.

tomatoes, avocados, and sour cream on enchiladas

Easy Baked Chicken Recipes

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These Chicken and Sweet Potato Enchiladas are soooo good. I hope you’ll try them out and let me know what you think! The fresh flavor of these veggie-stuffed sweet potato black bean enchiladas will have you feel healthy and satisfied and they are the perfect weeknight dinner!

See the recipe card below for details on these Chicken and Sweet Potato Black Beans Enchiladas recipe. Enjoy!

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