BEST Chicken Soup (Creamy Chicken Soup Recipe)

The BEST CHICKEN SOUP is this recipe right here. This CREAMY CHICKEN SOUP RECIPE is my all-time favorite recipe of my Mom’s. This is one of the BEST SOUP RECIPES I have ever tried and I’m so proud it’s in our family. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve requested this for dinner. I need it in my freezer at all times for when I need comfort food. BEST CHICKEN SOUP RECIPE EVER!

Best Chicken Soup recipe in 3 bowls

BEST Chicken Soup Recipe

Creamy Chicken Soup is the BEST chicken soup recipe you will EVER taste!

The Best Chicken Soup recipe is my Mom Susie’s recipe. I know, we all think our moms have the BEST soup recipes, but this one really is unbelievably good. This Creamy Chicken Soup is just so flavorful and…well, creamy.

I’m so excited to share this chicken soup with you guys, but since it’s my mom’s recipe, I’ll let her tell you all about it. Take it away Mom:

the absolute BEST soup on the planet. no contest. mom's creamy chicken soup!

I am always on the hunt.  The hunt for the absolute BEST recipe for every food I love.  I get fanatical in my research.  I will search, study and test several recipes until I get the perfect outcome (at least in my mind) and then I get busy.

Make a batch of the Best Chicken Soup with this Creamy Chicken Soup recipe!

Creamy Chicken Soup in large pot with a ladle

Chicken soup in 3 small bowls next to a large pot

the absolute BEST soup on the planet. no contest. mom's creamy chicken soup!

Best Soup Recipes – Creamy Chicken Soup

When formulating the recipe for the Best Chicken Soup, I added-a-pinch, took-out-a-pinch and tweaked until I am content.  And better than content, I needed perfection. Sometimes this process takes years.

the absolute BEST soup on the planet. no contest. mom's creamy chicken soup!

the absolute BEST soup on the planet. no contest. mom's creamy chicken soup!

Creamy Chicken Soup isn’t the only recipe that I’ve perfected this way. Two foods for which my search is ongoing are the perfect white cake and perfect meatloaf.  A couple of my recipes I am very proud are my Swedish Meatballs and my Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies. But this…this Creamy Chicken Soup is my all-time favorite. It’s not only one of my favorite recipes, I happen to think it’s one of the BEST SOUP RECIPES on the internet.

The best chicken soup in serving bowls and large cooking pot

Best soup recipe - creamy chicken soup

the absolute BEST soup on the planet. no contest. mom's creamy chicken soup!

the absolute BEST soup on the planet. no contest. mom's creamy chicken soup!

The Best Creamy Chicken Soup Recipe to keep you warm!

So, come on in from the cold.  I’ll hand you a steamy bowl of this creamy chicken soup, a slice of crusty bread and a glass of white wine. Doesn’t that sound like Heaven?

the absolute BEST soup on the planet. no contest. mom's creamy chicken soup!

We will sit by the fire; share our stories, laugh ourselves silly and try not to embarrass ourselves by licking the bowls clean. I hope you love this Chicken Soup recipe as much as our family does.  It warms our bodies and our hearts.

If you don’t find it to be the Best Chicken Soup Recipe you’ve ever tried, I’ll be shocked.

Creamy chicken soup topped with carrots and garnish

A bowl of the best chicken soup

the absolute BEST soup on the planet. no contest. mom's creamy chicken soup!

We also love to pour this Creamy Chicken Soup over a baked potato for a different way to serve.  Optional, but makes it even more hearty!

If you’re looking for more of our best soup recipes be sure to check these out:

the absolute BEST soup on the planet. no contest. mom's creamy chicken soup!

the absolute BEST soup on the planet. no contest. mom's creamy chicken soup!

This is my mom, Susie’s original recipe and she started her own blog after we worked on this post together. Since she’s now posting her own recipes (YOU NEED TO CHECK HER OUT!) I’d LOVE for you to hop over to her blog for this world famous recipe. It’s all hers, so she deserves it! Please give her some love and I hope you don’t mind the extra click. I’m so proud of her recipes!

Click to see the FULL RECIPE for THIS DELICIOUS SOUP RECIPE on Mom’s site, Simply Sated <3


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I left out the the people herb. Did not know where or how to make that. When does it say to ad the chicken?
    1½ t Herbs of Provance (provincial herbs) this I left out not people herb. Sheesh. People is what my spell check put. This is all new to me. This particular ingredient.
      Herbs de Provence are commonly found in most grocery stores but in the higher quality herbs, not necessarily the store brand or McCormick's. It is a combination of several other herbs which give a wonderful flavor to anything with chicken.
        I had never heard of Herbs de provence before, until I came across a recipe for Fancy Chicken and Rice, Let me tell you, that stuff is pure gold!! Makes chicken taste like you are eating on a farm in the south of france, with crusty bread and wine and roasted chicken, everyone is laughing and eating and me, go to the spice section in the store buy a jar of herbs de provence...make chicken...join me in heaven! I am sooooo looking forward to it getting cold here in Las Vegas so I can make this soup!!! Yes, it does get cold here and even snows! Collecting soup recipes but yours is first on my list, sounds like a beatuiful bowl of paradise!
          Becky Hardin
          YES!!! My absolute favorite. Hope you love the soup!
    becky gall hardin
    Hey Ruth, Susie here...The chicken is added along with all the other ingredients; after sauteing the vegetables. Herbs de Provence can be difficult to find. Here is a recipe, so if you add a combo of these herbs (or your favorites) the soup will still be delicious. Be sure to taste as you go...better to add a little then add more if needed. Thank you for visiting Cookie Rookie and let us know if you have any other questions.
    I've just got to chime in here. The herbs are a must! They add such a distinct, different taste that make this soup special. I had a jar because I use them in other recipes, but I found it on the spice aisle at Wal-Mart.
      becky gall hardin
      Thanks Donna, I hadn't check for Herbs de Provence at Wal-mart so I am very happy to know they carry them. I have fallen in love with Penzey's spices - they have a wonderful selection and always carry herbs and spices that are a little more difficult to find.
sounds and looks wonderful....Good Job!!! Will be having this for dinner tonight. Is the "chicken base granules"....bullion?
    Hi Billy, I use Wyler's Chicken Base Granules but Bullion cubes could be substituted - probably 2 cubes, but to be sure, please read the directions on the product you choose.
      There are also other kinds of Chicken Base available in the local grocery stores. I live in a rural town and I found it in Redner's. I found the Chicken Base to add terrific flavor to other chicken dishes or soups as well. It was worth the $5 for a good size jar as I am using it frequently. The flavor is intense so you don't need too much. Add a teaspoon to a smaller quantity (other than a big pot of soup) and taste until you find how much you like in that recipe.
Is there a substitute for the white wine? I know the alcohol cooks out, but I won't use wine in cooking for other reasons...
    Hey Martie, Thank you so much for trying our soup. It is delicious with or without the white wine. The white wine does add a little "somethin', somethin' " but you don't have to add it. Here are a couple of links for substituting other ingredients for white wine. and Maybe a non-alcoholic white wine might work well?? Good luck and thanks again for stopping by Cookie Rookie.
Kathy Mikiciuk
Wow, that is one fabulous soup! A definite keeper! Thank you
Hi you guys may have covered this, but do you think it may be possible yo cook all ingredients in the crock pot...minus the cream and roux? Then add those when I return from work, allowing it to simmer and thicken before serving? It looks delicious!
This was so tasty!!! The only thing I didn't add was the wine. All I had was a mango strawberry moscato :) I've never used or heard of Herbs of Provence, but it is a great flavor!! We will definitely be making again! The hubs and kids all loved it!
    Thanks Jessica, this is Susie here. I'm so glad you loved the soup and really appreciate you stopping by Cookie Rookie.
      What would chicken granules be exactly :)
        Hey LIz, Susie here. Chicken Granules is the same as chicken bouillon but in granulated form. I use Wyler's Instant Chicken Granules, but I'm sure many stores have their own brand. It can, usually, be found in the soup aisle at the grocery store. Thanks for visiting Cookie Rookie and I hope you love the soup.
I just saw your soup on Pinterest. I can't wait to try it. I love creamy soups. I'm glad someone asked about the white wine. I can't cook with wine due to health reasons, so I worried I wouldn't be able to make it. Thank you for replying to the question if it could be omitted.
Hi I'm from australia - please advise substitute for chicken base granules ( stock cubes?) & herbs of prov?
    becky gall hardin
    You could def use stock cubes in place of the chicken base granules...and some of your favorite italian herbs in place of herbs of prov. Hope that helps! So glad to have you here!
Wanted to take a minute and let you know how much our family LOVES this! I've made it twice over the past few weeks and they say it's their very favorite soup!
    Susie here. Thank you for taking the time to let us know you love our soup. We are so glad your family loves it. Thank you also for visiting Cookie Rookie and please come back soon.
I made this soup tonight and it was excellent. I was worried however that the additional cooking time of the (already cooked) rotisserie chicken would ruin its texture and in fact it did make it a bit mealy. Have you ever added the chicken later, rather than letting it come to a boil and then letting it simmer for 30 more minutes?
    Susie Gall
    Hey Anne, Susie here. I did some internet research and it seems the jury is out on the best time to add cooked chicken to soup. About half the recipes I looked over added it before boiling and half added it 15-20 minutes before serving. I have never had any problem with the chicken becoming mealy, but I'm sure adding it at a later time in the process would work well. Thanks for visiting Cookie Rookie and please let us know if you have any further questions.
      I have found the grocery store rotessire chickens are often way over cooked, to the point they are mealy...I always buy a chicken and roast it myself when I need precooked chicken, in fact it is cheaper and tastes so much better!!! Buy a whole chicken, rub it down with olive oil, put in a roasting pan, cover with salt pepper celery salt garlic powder onion powder lemon pepper..bake 1 hour, let rest..then shred...waala! your own not over down mealy over cooked chicken to make any recipe you want, great for soups or chicken salad or salads with chicken on top, etc.....
        Becky Hardin
        That is SUCH a good idea. I have never done that but I just might have to try! Thanks for the tip, that is awesome!
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