Crispy Parmesan Potato Wedges Recipe

PARMESAN POTATO WEDGES are so absolutely delicious and EASY! You’ll never go back to regular fries after you try this thick crispy baked potato wedges recipe coated in a crispy cheese shell. They’re just too good!

Parmesan Potato Wedges on a baking tray

Parmesan Potato Wedges Recipe

Parmesan Potato Wedges are a cheesy, delicious side dish for any meal. This crispy baked potato wedges recipe is something you’ll make over and over again!

I’m struggling to find the right words to describe these utterly amazing CRISPY PARMESAN POTATO WEDGES! These are by far my favorite potato recipe on the site, and when I say they’re addicting, I mean that Mom and I ate the entire pan in under 30 minutes after photographing them…Ya, they are THAT good.

We dipped these crispy baked potato wedges in ranch, ketchup, honey mustard, and hot sauce, and all were absolutely divine. They’ve got the best crispy Parmesan shell coating tender potato wedges, and I’m just so excited about this recipe. Are you ready to try the best side dish this side of the Mississippi?! Buckle up!

Parmesan Potato Wedges are about to be your new favorite way to eat potatoes. This crispy baked potato wedges recipe is beyond delicious!


These CRISPY PARMESAN POTATO WEDGES are so absolutely delicious and EASY! You'll never go back to regular fries after you try these thick baked potato wedges coated in a crispy cheese shell. Just too good!

Crispy Baked Potato Wedges recipe with dipping sauces

Crispy Baked Potato Wedges

I’m not gonna like, when these Crispy Parmesan Potato Wedges are cooking in the oven, they look a tad strange. It looks like all the cheese has cooked off of them and that the recipe is about to be a failure. BUT TAKE HEART! That’s how they should look. The crispy shell is just baking onto the side of the wedges and is waiting for you to break them each apart, creating the tastiest steak fries you’ve ever tasted. Best. Recipe. Ever. Crispy Baked Potato Wedges…will you marry me?!

These baked parmesan potato wedges are a side dish fit for the most casual burger meal, or the most classy romantic dinner at home. If I would make these every single night, Pat would be one very happy husband. He could not believe how many of them we ate on our own, and he was pretty disappointed we didn’t make him a double batch. Lucky for him I’ll be making these again and again and again.

These CRISPY PARMESAN POTATO WEDGES are so absolutely delicious and EASY! You'll never go back to regular fries after you try these thick baked potato wedges coated in a crispy cheese shell. Just too good!

Crispy, cheese oven baked potato rwedges

How to Make Potato Wedges

These oven baked potato wedges are a must make for all kinds of meals. This is such a great recipe to have under your belt, because they really do go with so many dishes, and everyone will love them! Potato wedges are generally pretty easy to make, and this recipe just requires an extra step to get that crispy cheesy coating.

How to make Parmesan Potato Wedges:

  1. Preheat oven to 375°F & melt butter in pan
  2. Cut potatoes into wedges and dry them with paper towels
  3. Sprinkle the Parmesan and seasonings into the melted butter
  4. Press potato wedges firmly into the cheese & butter, then brush the other sides with olive oil
  5. Bake wedges for 40-50 minutes
  6. Let the Parmesan potato wedges cool for about 7 minutes before serving

You can turn the heat up to 400°F for the last 5 minutes to really crisp up the cheese if you want. These crispy baked potato wedges are definitely a dip kind of dish, so serve them with ranch, ketchup, whatever you prefer!

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Parmesan Potato Wedges in a basket

Dipping crispy potato wedges into dipping sauce

These Baked Parmesan Potato Wedges are one of my most favorite recipes on The Cookie Rookie. I hope you love them as much as we do! This crispy baked potato wedges recipe is so perfect with burgers, sandwiches, steaks, or even as just an appetizer or party snack. Along with a bunch of dips, these would definitely be gone in seconds on game day. They are just too good to resist!

Watch the Video & See the recipe card for details on how to make Parmesan Potato Wedges. Enjoy!


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Crispy Parmesan Potato Wedges

Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: American
Keyword: cheesy potatoes, potato wedges, roasted potatoes
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 45 minutes
Total Time: 55 minutes
Servings: 4
Calories: 422 kcal
Author: Becky Hardin | The Cookie Rookie

These CRISPY PARMESAN POTATO WEDGES are so absolutely delicious and EASY! You'll never go back to regular fries after you try these thick baked potato wedges coated in a crispy cheese shell. Just too good!



  • 6 medium potatoes russets or Yukon Gold, washed
  • ¼ cup butter unsalted
  • cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • ½ teaspoon ground black pepper
  • Penzey’s Sandwich Sprinkles or garlic powder
  • Dried parsley or favorite herb
  • Olive oil to brush potatoes


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
  2. Place butter in an 11x15 inch jelly roll pan and place in oven until butter melts. Remove from oven as soon as butter has melted.
  3. Halve each potato, lengthwise, and cut each half into 3 equal wedges. Dry potato wedges with a paper towel.
  4. Sprinkle melted butter evenly and liberally with grated Parmesan, then sprinkle with pepper, seasonings and herbs. Press the cheese onto the butter.
  5. Press each potato wedge, flesh-side down, firmly onto the Parmesan.
  6. Lightly brush the exposed section of potato with olive oil.
  7. Very lightly season the potatoes with coarse salt & freshly ground pepper and sprinkle with crushed herbs.
  8. Place in preheated oven and bake 40-50 minutes.
  9. *If needed to crisp the Parmesan crust, turn the heat up to 400 for the last 5-10 minutes.
  10. **Transfer potatoes to a cooling rack and allow to cool at least 7 FULL MINUTES - this allows the cheese crust to stick to the potatoes.
  11. Serve with your favorite dip. Buffalo, sour cream or Ranch dips work well.
  12. Enjoy!

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looks so delicious surely going to try this
Jane L.
When you say to remove potatoes to cooling rack, do you mean the entire tray or do you actually remove the wedges from the baking pan?
Melissa W
I don't understand #4 :(
    I was cOnfUsed about soMething, too. Watch the Video abOve! :)
hppy romz
Wo Acha Hay Tou Behtar, Bura Hay Tou Bhi Qabool Mizaaj-E-Ishq Mein Aib-O-Hunar Dekhe Nahi Jatay...!!!
Kathy Bisnette
Always looking for recipes for 2. Tired a taking recipe and dividing it
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    What does this have to do with the awesome recipe?
Yum, Yum! Appetizer or with as a main meal looks like a yummy winner to me!
I was wondering if you use freshly grated parmesan, the kind in the green can or the preshredded in the plastic bags in the refrigerated cheese section? I am sure we will also be devouring thm..yum!
Tryed a recipe before this way and was terrible. But WOW this recipe is sooooooo!!! good I am making it again tonight!!! YUMMY!
Laurie Olmon
Great recipe.goes great with many burger and dinner dishes
    Becky Hardin
    So happy to hear that! These are our go-to as well. Have a great night!!
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