perfect sugared almonds

The perfect sugared almonds are so good and so easy to make! Double or Triple this recipe and use them on salads, snacks, and even store in the freezer for later use. These are so addicting, so you have been warned!

perfect sugared almonds

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Sugared Almonds – Delicious! Lettuce Salad – Delicious! Sugared almonds added to lettuce salad – Doubly Delicious!!
This is the ingredient that takes an average salad from the mundane to “Oh my goodness, this salad is GREAT!”
You might want to double this recipe – these almonds are terrific as a snack.

In the next couple days, we will be posting our favorite Valentine’s day recipes!! sugared almonds are a vital part of my favorite salad…so stay tuned to learn more. this is just the first step! :)

in the detailed recipe below, you will see how easy it is to make this awesome snack. sugared almonds are an easy way to kick any recipe up a notch, from good, to amazing!

perfect sugared almonds




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