Easy Banana Cream Pie Recipe

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Banana Cream Pie is a creamy, delicious dessert filled with custard and fresh bananas. It’s the perfect holiday recipe for Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving. This easy banana cream pie recipe is so rich and so tasty, everyone will love it! Learn how to make banana cream pie for your next holiday dessert!

Banana Cream Pie in a clear glass dish

Banana Cream Pie

Banana Cream Pie is a rich, custard-filled pie that completes any holiday table. This easy banana cream pie recipe is layered with homemade custard and fresh bananas. Yum!

This is such a beautiful dessert, and it tastes just as good as it looks! There’s something about fresh homemade pies that feels so comforting and homey. I guess that’s why they’re perfect for the holidays, when family gathers around to enjoy a beautiful meal together.

Here’s what we’ll be talking about in this post:

  • Easy Banana Cream Pie Recipe
  • Blind Baking a Pie Crust
  • How to Make Banana Cream Pie

This easy banana cream pie recipe is so much simpler than it seems. I started with a pre-made pie crust, made my own custard filling, and then layered it all up for a delicious holiday pie recipe. Serve it up at Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, or any time of the year really. It’s always delicious!

Learn how to make banana cream pie with this easy recipe. It’s the perfect dessert recipe to serve on any holiday!

Banana cream pie with a single slice cut out

A full banana cream pie on a pedestal, next to a plate of a slice of pie

Easy Banana Cream Pie Recipe

I really love custard pies because they don’t really require baking, other than the pie crust. And since this is an EASY banana cream pie recipe, I’m using a pre-made pie crust that just needs to be baked on its own before assembling the cream pie and finishing it off. What’s better than an EASY dessert recipe for the holidays?

What is Blind Baking?

For this recipe (as in many custard pies and no-bake pie recipes), you will need to bake the pie crust on its own, without the filling. This is called “blind baking”. You have to line the pie crust with parchment paper and fill it with “weights” to make sure it doesn’t bubble up while cooking.

You’re left with a perfect pie crust to fill with your custard. You can read more about blind baking here.

Easy banana cream pie recipe

A slice of banana cream pie topped with bananas and whipped cream

A banana cream pie topped with whipped cream and sliced bananas

How to Make Banana Cream Pie

Making a pie can seem like a lot when you’re starting out, but it’s not as complicated as it seems! Once you break this easy pie recipe down into the four basic steps, it starts to seem much more simple: Pie Crust, Custard Filling, Assembling, Topping. Done!

How to Make Banana Cream Pie:

  1. Pie Crust – We’re using a pre-made pie crust for this recipe, because there’s really no need to make your own (unless you prefer to). Buy a pie crust, blind bake it as mentioned above, and let it cool before filling it.
  2. Custard – While this is the most intricate part of the recipe, it’s mostly just a lot of whisking and mixing the milk, egg, and butter until a smooth custard forms. Let this cool in the refrigerator before assembling the pie.
  3. Assembling – Once your pie crust and custard have cooled, it’s time to assemble the banana cream pie. Spread a thin layer of the custard on the bottom of the pie crust, layer on half of the sliced bananas, another layer of custard, the rest of the sliced bananas, and finish off with a final layer of custard.
  4. Topping – Whisk up a homemade whipped cream, slice up some fresh bananas, and top off the pie.

Making a banana cream pie is much easier when you look at it in neatly-defined steps like this. And since everything needs to be cooled before assembling the pie, you can take your time to prepare each step. See the recipe card below for full instructions.

A slice of pie on a plate in front of a pie on a pedestal

Easy banana cream pie on a clear pie dish

Does banana cream pie need to be refrigerated?

It does need to be refrigerated after baking. If you have leftovers or if you’re not eating the pie right away, cover it with plastic wrap or aluminum foil and store it in the refrigerator.

Can I make banana cream pie ahead of time?

Yes! Instead of making the pie right before serving it, you can make it earlier in the day, the night before, or even a couple of days ahead of time if needed. This is a great option if you’re preparing it for the holidays.

With all the other cooking going on, desserts are the last thing you want to worry about the day of. Just keep the pie in the refrigerator until ready to serve, up to a couple of days.

A piece of banana cream pie on a plate with sliced bananas

This easy banana cream pie recipe is so just rich, creamy, and delicious. It’s the ideal holiday recipe (one of my favorite Easter Desserts) and I hope you enjoy it as much as our family does!

See the recipe card below for details on how to make Banana Cream Pie. Enjoy!

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