Apple and Cheese Frittata

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My Mom’s Apple & Cheese Frittata has to be one of our family favorites now! It is soooo good, I had to learn how to make it! Only a handful of ingredients needed, this is my go-to recipe for breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners –  everyone loves it! 

apple and gruyere frittata in skillet

The ingredients in this Cheese Frittata are totally customizable, although please please PLEASE try it with the apple. for some reason, this just really works. it adds such dimension to the dish. it isn’t an overwhelming addition, but trust me you should try it! I also really recommend the gruyere cheese. you should be able to find it at any grocery store, and it is delicious. Soft and creamy and perfect with the ham and apple. This make a hearty and delicious breakfast!

Why This Apple and Cheese Frittata is so Good

  • Only a handful of ingredients needed.
  • Totally customizable (but I highly recommend trying apple and Gruyere first!).
  • Serves 8 – perfect for a hearty and delicious brunch.
  • Can be a main or side dish.

Ingredients for this Apple and Gruyere Frittata

  • Eggs – ideally fresh and buy free range/organic if possible.
  • Apples & Onions.
  • Hashbrowns – make sure to shred them.
  • Cheese – shredded. A blend of Gruyere and Mexican but you can choose other cheeses such as cheddar or jack.
  • Ham – cubed. You can swap for other protein – like bacon – if you like. 

How to Make this Apple and Cheese Frittata

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Cook potatoes on a stovetop pan, flipping once. Then add the apple and onion, saute until tender. In a separate bowl, place in your frittata mix and whisk together and pour the mixture over the apple, onion and hashbrowns in the pan 

Bake for 12-25 mins until eggs are set. 

Remove from oven and serve! mom's apple and gruyere frittata. the perfect breakfast meal! delicious and EASY!

An Easy Cheese Frittata

This recipe is VERY easy, but does have a few steps. hang in there with it, you won’t mess it up. and you will be so proud of yourself! One important step is pre-browning the hash browns. cook them until crispy and light brown on one side, and then flip and cook the other side. only flip once. 

mom's apple and gruyere frittata in a pan

Perfect for a Big Brunch

This recipe whips up 8 servings. It’s great if you have a baby shower or bridal brunch, or for a weekend treat with friends round. You can cut it into squares or slices while still in the pan with a spatula. then its ready to serve! this will make anyone a morning person!

mom's apple and gruyere frittata on plate with muffins

What to Serve with this Cheese Frittata

This Cheese Frittata is great for a brunch or breakfast but it’s also a hearty lunch or dinner, it’s the dish that just keeps on giving!

For breakfast, you could serve this Frittata with diced avocado and good whole grain toast. For lunch, a small side salad of mixed greens and maybe some stewed or roasted tomatoes. For dinner, some roasted vegetables and potatoes, along with a side salad of mixed greens with a couple of disks of toasted goat cheese.

Stay tuned for recipes for the pecan pie mini muffins, and aunt lily’s famous orange juice. the perfect breakfast combination! i just couldn’t wait to get this one up on the blog, it is so delicious!

Top Tips For This Cheese Frittata

  • Feel free to swap some of the ingredients, this frittata works with mushrooms, kale, bacon even sausage.
  • Only flip the potatoes once! Just make sure they are crisp on each side.
  • Cook any vegetables before pouring the eggs into the pan. This is especially important when using veggies with a high water content, like mushrooms, zucchini, peppers, and spinach. If you skip pre-cooking them, that excess liquid can make for a watery frittata that steams rather than bakes in the oven.
  • Serve with muffins or whole grain toast.

mom's apple and gruyere frittata on a plate with muffins

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