Vegetable Curry Recipe (Thai Vegetable Curry)

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Vegetable Curry is the perfect fresh and light vegetarian meal for these cooler temps! This delicious Thai Vegetable Curry Recipe has just the right amount of spice. All the colors of the rainbow make up this meal inspired by Thai flavors that the entire family will devour. If you’ve wondered how to make vegetable curry, it’s so much easier than you might have thought. This winter recipe is great for meal planning!

vegetable curry over rice with cilantro

Vegetable Curry Recipe

This easy vegetable curry recipe is filled with winter veggies and lots of spices to make the perfect warming winter meal!

Vegetable Curry has quickly become one of my favorite vegetarian meals. I’ve always been a protein lover (if I have a choice for a meal I could eat every day for the rest of my life, it’d be a juicy steak), but lately Pat and I are trying to be a little healthier. So to expand our horizons, we tried this beautiful Thai Vegetable Curry recipe.

I was blown away by the ease of this recipe, and it’s PACKED with flavor. Red curry paste, coconut milk, and a bit of red pepper flakes (if you want extra spice) is enough to make a bowl of rice and veggies taste absolutely amazing!

I mean it when I say you won’t miss the chicken or beef in this vegetarian curry. There is plenty of spice, sustenance, crunch, and sauce to go around. Pile on the cilantro and you’re really in business (don’t even tell me if you’re not a cilantro fan; my heart can’t take it!).

This Winter Vegetable Curry recipe is one our favorite vegetarian dishes!

healthy vegetable curry recipe with rice

overhead shot of vegetable curry topped with tomatoes and cilantro

What Veggies Go in Thai Vegetable Curry?

For the vegetables in this Thai Vegetable Curry recipe, I stuck to veggies you can easily find in the winter. After all, I want this curry to be the perfect dinner for warming things up when it’s cold outside (the spice will definitely help with that!).

I chopped up some butternut squash, carrots, parsnips (who knew I loved parsnips!), onion, and sweet peppers. You could really add any of your favorite vegetables, and even make this throughout the year with whatever’s in season. It couldn’t be easier!

What do you Serve with Curry?

The best way to serve curry is with rice and something to scoop or soak up any extra sauce that tries to escape. Naan is perfect for this, especially these feathery soft naan rolls!

We served our Thai Vegetable Curry over white rice and devoured it in a snap. You could also make coconut rice (just cook the rice in coconut milk) to bring out the flavors of the curry. Yum!

How long can you keep vegetable curry in the fridge?

Next time I make this, I’m planning to make a double batch and send leftovers to work with Pat. It heats up like a dream and it’s so filling. Perfect for a healthy weekday lunch!

Stored in an airtight container, this Thai vegetable curry will keep in the refrigerator for 3-4 days, ideally no longer than a week. But I know I’d be eating any leftovers the very next day!

To make it last a little longer, make a double/triple batch of this curry, and store it in the freezer for 2-3 months. Then you can grab portions throughout the winter for easy dinners.

vegetable curry with winter vegetables

up close photo of vegetable curry over white rice

Easy Vegetarian Dishes

Vegetarian recipes aren’t my usual thing, but we do have some more veggie and vegan options to choose from!

Don’t let anything about this dish intimidate you. IT’S SO EASY! It’s so fun (and healthy) to eat all the colors of the rainbow. I hope you love this flavorful, beautiful, and good for you Thai Vegetable Curry recipe! Something different, but still easy and amazing. Give it a try!

See the recipe card for details on How to Make Vegetable Curry. Enjoy!

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