open-faced roast beef sandwiches

one of my favorite comfort foods when i visit home is open faced roast beef sandwiches. this meal is hearty and delicious. the first time my mom made these for pat…he wasn’t sure what to think. i’ll admit it looks a little strange and is a bit messy. but after eating it…he was sold. its a man’s meal for sure.

start by making the beef roast. (the same way you make the roast beef for the french dip sandwiches) put the au jus packets, italian dressing packets, beef broth, and 5 lbs beef roast into your crock pot (as i’ve mentioned before, I LOVE CROCK POTS) and cook on low for 6-8 hours.

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open-faced roast beef sandwiches

before the beef is fully done, you’ll want to make your mashed potatoes. click here to see how to make the PERFECT homemade mashed potatoes.

after the beef is fully cooked, remove it from the crock pot and strain the broth with a metal strainer. the broth is delicious poured over the sandwiches. or can be used for beef au jus sandwiches.

open-faced roast beef sandwiches

slice the beef in relatively thin slices. its easiest to cut the beef after it has been refrigerated for some time, but that isn’t necessary if you want to eat the sandwiches right away. for this recipe, we cut the beef right away while still warm. since you’re eating this meal with a fork, its not as necessary that the beef is in neat slices.

  open-faced roast beef sandwiches

IF ONLY scout could have her own cooking blog. that dog loves to help in the kitchen!

now you’re ready to plate your meal. place toasted bread on a plate, pile on the mashed potatoes (i like to put these on first so that the beef and au jus doesn’t make the bread quite a soggy), and then top it with the beef and au jus sauce. we also like to sprinkle on some Gruyère cheese (or you’re favorite top). MMM!!

open-faced roast beef sandwiches



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