simple balsamic reduction

This Easy Balsamic Reduction Recipe is the perfect homemade recipe for salads, sauce, and more! 

simple balsamic reduction

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this is just a quick post that goes with another recipe i’m posting in a minute. we used this simple balsamic reduction in our asparagus-gruyere tart, but can be used so many different ways. this easy treat can be paired with meats, fruits, vegetables, or drizzled on salads to take them from ordinary to extraordinary.

this type of recipe is very simple, yet very important for blossoming rookie chefs to know how to pull off :)

simple balsamic reduction

that’s a bay leaf in there. yeah i didn’t know what that was either. its used in some great soups and reductions. check it out! i’ll be posting our AWESOME asparagus tart in just a minute…and this little recipe plays an integral part in its deliciousness. i hope you give it a try!

simple balsamic reduction


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