Tender chicken strips coated in a delicious and crispy breading, these Copycat Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers come with an addictive Creole sauce.

what you need:


black pepper



creole seasoning

garlic powder

kosher salt

skinless chicken breasts


On a clean work surface, cut the chicken breasts into ¾-inch strips. Place the chicken breasts in a large Ziplock bag.

Pour the buttermilk, salt, and ground black pepper over the chicken and seal the bag. Massage the marinade around the chicken. Refrigerate overnight.


Meanwhile, make the sauce. Add all of the sauce ingredients to a small bowl and whisk until well combined. Cover the bowl tightly with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.


Set up a breading station with three shallow bowls. Whisk the eggs in one bowl. In a second bowl, whisk the flour, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and white pepper together.


Dredge each piece of chicken in the flour mixture, dip in the eggs, and coat with bread crumbs. Place each strip on the clean plate and repeat with the remaining strips.


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