Broccoli Cheese Rice Casserole (Classic Green Rice Casserole)

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Broccoli Cheese Rice Casserole is a creamy, cheesy, flavor-filled side dish perfect for holidays on any weeknight dinner. This classic baked green rice casserole is filled with rice, broccoli, and cheese, and water chestnuts add that extra crunch. Cheesy broccoli and rice casserole is one of my favorite recipes to serve on Thanksgiving because it’s so easy, and you can make it ahead of time too!

Broccoli Cheese Rice Casserole in a white casserole dish

Broccoli Cheese Rice Casserole

Broccoli Cheese Rice Casserole is one of those classic side dishes that everyone should be making regularly. It’s easy, it’s delicious, and it’s filled with broccoli (which makes it super healthy despite the cheese, right?). This green rice casserole is perfect for easy dinners and even for holidays. It’s such a warm and comforting dish, so I especially love it in the fall and winter.

Casseroles of all kinds are my favorite, and this cheesy broccoli and rice casserole is at the top of the list. It’s a total crowd pleaser, it’s cheesy, ricey, and broccoli-y…what’s not to love? Casseroles are great because they just mix all the best ingredients into one big dish, and everything tastes soooo good. The other thing I love about casseroles is how darn EASY they are. Like I said, everything in one dish, bake, eat, and done!

This cheesy rice casserole is also a great make ahead recipe. You can easily prepare it, refrigerate it, then bake it when it’s time to eat. This works great for busy holidays when there are a million dishes to cook. For Thanksgiving, I made this the night before, kept it in the fridge covered, and it was all ready to go on Thursday! So good for a gal like me that is still learning the art of timing!

This Broccoli Cheese Rice Casserole is the perfect side dish for chicken dinners, and it will be right at home on your Thanksgiving table too. Make this baked green rice casserole for an easy, cheesy meal!

Photo Collage: Bowl of broccoli; casserole dish filled with broccoli, rice, cheese

Close up of cheesy broccoli and rice casserole

Classic Green Rice Casserole for Thanksgiving

This creamy, cheesy, baked green rice casserole is a classic recipe that everyone should be eating during the holidays. You’ve got rice, broccoli, water chestnuts, cream of mushroom, and cheese, cheese, and more cheese. It’s the perfect combination of textures and flavors to create a delicious Thanksgiving side dish that really hits the spot.

I especially love this warm cheesy broccoli and rice casserole on Thanksgiving because it complements all the other foods so perfectly. Mashed potatoes, turkey, creamed corn, fresh dinner rolls…YUM! It’s such a comforting dish, and that’s the kind of thing I want to be eating over the holidays.

Broccoli and Rice Casserole with Chicken

Of course this green rice casserole is just as good any time of year. This is the perfect side dish to eat along with whatever you cook, but I think it’s extra tasty with chicken. I like to make this broccoli cheese rice casserole recipe quite often for weeknight dinners, and it reheats really well too!

Try this dish with some of my favorite easy chicken dinner recipes:

Spoon digging into a broccoli rice casserole

Fork full of broccoli cheese rice casserole

How to Make Broccoli Cheese Rice Casserole

Casseroles are one of the easiest dishes to make, and this broccoli cheese rice casserole is no different. You can make it for dinner, for holidays, or even make it ahead of time if you need to. Basically, you just need to cook the ingredients separately, combine them, then bake everything together with the cheese. Simple as that!

How to Make Cheesy Broccoli and Rice Casserole:

  1. Cook the broccoli and the rice separately, according to package directions. You could also use fresh steamed broccoli and dried rice if you prefer, but it will push the cooking time up.
  2. Mix EVERYTHING together in a casserole/baking dish, and sprinkle the shredded cheese on top.
  3. When you’re ready to cook,  bake at 350°F for 30-45 minutes. You could microwave for 15-20 minutes instead if you’re short on time.

A delicious, cheesy, creamy green rice casserole filled with broccoli, ready to go in no time! You can make this ahead of time, save leftovers in the refrigerator, reheat it for meals later on the week, and even freeze it for future use!

Cheesy broccoli and rice casserole

A plate of broccoli rice and cheese casserole with a gold fork

Can you make this broccoli cheese rice casserole ahead of time?

Yes! This green rice casserole is so easy to make ahead of time, just another reason that it’s so great and convenient.

To make it ahead of time:

  1. Prepare everything according to the recipe card below.
  2. After combing everything in the casserole dish, cover it and store it in the refrigerator until you’re ready to cook.
  3. Then take it out, let it set to room temperature, and bake according to the instructions.

Can you freeze this broccoli rice casserole?

You can definitely freeze this broccoli cheese rice casserole if you want to save it for future use. Just be sure to store it properly to avoid freezer burn, and it should keep for up to a month. When you’re ready to reheat it, let it thaw in the refrigerator overnight.

Cheddar broccoli and rice casserole

This Broccoli Cheese Rice Casserole is the ultimate side dish for easy dinners and busy holidays! Eat it with your favorite chicken recipe, make it ahead of time when you’ve got busy week coming, or make it for Thanksgiving to help celebrate the holidays. No matter when you eat this green rice casserole, you will absolutely love it!

See the recipe card below for details on how to make Broccoli Cheese Rice Casserole. Enjoy!

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