• Easy Beergaritas
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Copycat Trader Joe’s Cookies and Cream Cookie Butter (Plus a BLENDTEC GIVEAWAY!)

Copycat Trader Joe's Cookies and Cream Cookie Butter!!! LIFE CHANGING! Make Oreo Cookie Butter at home! | The Cookie Rookie

Copycat Trader Joe’s Cookies and Cream Cookie Butter…mind blown!

Copycat Trader Joe's Cookies and Cream Cookie Butter!!! LIFE CHANGING! Make Oreo Cookie Butter at home! | The Cookie RookieAny self-respecting Trader Joe’s addict has seen and tried their Cookies and Cream Cookie butter. When I first saw it on the shelves…I knew I was hooked before even trying it.  I had heard about it and how awesome it was, and I know I would be addicted! Lucky for all of us that are too lazy to drive to Trader Joe’s with every craving, this easy DIY recipe will let you make it at home!! Mind…blown.  Life…changed.  Waist line…doubled.  …

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Easy Beergaritas! Easy Beer Margaritas perfect for GAMEDAY! Made with limeade concentrate, beer, and of course tequila! Cheers! | The Cookie Rookie

Easy Beergaritas

Easy Beergaritas are the perfect drink for the enjoying (or suffering through) the Superbowl!  Beer and Margaritas are a match made in cocktail heaven! Ahhhhh, the Superbowl.  Some of us will be enjoying the game, and others of us will be enjoying the commercials.  Either ...

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Baked Bloomin' Onion! An easy skinny version of my favorite appetizer. DELICIOUS! | The Cookie Rookie

Baked Blooming Onion

A Superbowl spread wouldn't be complete with a Blooming Onion! Make it healthier by baking instead of frying, just as delish! Growing up in Missouri, the fine dining options are...slim.  Don't get me wrong, there is some delicious food here (BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but the ...

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Crockpot Healthy Sausage Mediterranean Quiche, an easy and delicious breakfast or brunch! | The Cookie Rookie

Crockpot Healthy Sausage Mediterranean Quiche

Making a healthy and delicious breakfast or brunch is easy with this Crockpot Sausage Mediterranean Quiche! I've officially joined the slow cooker obsessed!!! As a lover of all easy recipes, I don't know why I haven't explored the crockpot more.  It does pretty much ...

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Gameday Sangria, the perfect cocktail for the Superbowl or March Madness! Easy Sangria for a crowd. Yum! | The Cookie Rookie

Gameday Sangria

Gameday Sangria made with white wine and hard apple cider, the perfect Superbowl Cocktail! If your house is anything like my house, every weekend is spent with nothing but football on the television.  From August to February, we are a football family.  I love watching ...

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30 easy game day recipes that you must put on your Superbowl menu! Everything from skinny crock pot dips to juicy teriyaki wings to buffalo sweet potato poppers.

30 Easy Game Day Recipes You Need!

Hey there food lovin' peeps! It's Megan from The Housewife in Training Files back again!  It's that time of the year again that all eyes are glued to the TV for Sunday football marathons! Whether you love football or get just as excited about the food (like me!), I have ...

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Quinoa Hawaiian Pizza Stuffed Peppers are a healthy and delicious meal or side dish! AMAZING | The Cookie Rookie

Skinny Quinoa Hawaiian Pizza Stuffed Peppers

These Skinny Quinoa Hawaiian Pizza Stuffed Peppers are easy, indulgent, and still (relatively) healthy! Quinoa...have you tried it? Its all the rage on Pinterest and the food blogs I follow.  I subscribe to a ridiculous amount of food blogs, and it seems that quinoa has ...

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Strawberries and Cream Pops made with creamy strawberry yogurt and pureed fruit. Delicious, easy, and healthy treat the whole family will love!

Strawberries and Cream Pops

Extra smooth Aussie-style yogurt combined with pureed strawberries creates the perfect simple sweet treat! Both kids and adults love Strawberries and Cream Pops! I know it's still winter, but there is always time to enjoy a creamy, healthy, delicious popsicle!! Now that ...

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Berry Nutella French Toast Bake, BEST BREAKFAST EVER! Easy make-ahead breakfast french toast casserole with fresh berries, nutella, and chocolate chips! | The Cookie Rookie

Berry Nutella French Toast Bake

This make-ahead Berry Nutella French Toast Bake is the perfect way to start any day!  Especially a great day. I am NOT a morning person.  I've always found it hard to leave my comfy-pet-filled-bed in the mornings.  BUT I have an announcement to make.  An exciting ...

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DIY Flavored Popcorn Salts! Fun Christmas gift idea. BACON PARMESAN, CHOCOLATE WINE AND BACON PARMESAN SALT! | The Cookie Rookie

DIY Flavored Popcorn Salts

It's easy to make flavored salt in virtually any flavor! Perfect for your favorite dishes and especially perfect for fun popcorn! I've learned a lot of things from starting this food blog, but one of the most shocking has been just how easy it was to make flavored salt. ...

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Creamy White Chicken Caprese Lasagna stuffed with mozzarella, cream cheese, artichokes, sundried tomatoes, and basil. SO delicious! The perfect comfort food! | The Cookie Rookie

Creamy White Chicken Caprese Lasagna

Creamy, cheesy White Chicken Caprese Lasagna is an easy favorite meal, packed with flavor and surprisingly easy! It's no secret that I have a love affair with all things cheesy.  Including my husband.  He's not quite cheesy enough for me...but sometimes he does giggle at ...

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