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  • 20 Popsicle Recipes You Need to Keep You Cool This Summer
  • Skinny(er) Chicken Mexican Lasagna Bake
  • Monkeylada Martini

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Funfetti Cake Batter Martinis

Funfetti Cake Batter Martinis! Don't let the kids have all the fun at your next birthday party! These delicious martinis steal the show and taste just like funfetti cake!

What is more fun than a Funfetti Cake Batter Martini?! Happy Birthday Summer babes!

Funfetti Cake Batter Martinis! Don't let the kids have all the fun at your next birthday party! These delicious martinis steal the show and taste just like funfetti cake!Funfetti treats are not just for kids. Cake batter is DEFINITELY not just for kids! In fact, Funfetti Cake Batter is one of my favorite things! Fun, festive, colorful, and of course delicious! These cute Funfetti Cake Batter Martinis are perfect for any adult bday party…Cheers!

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Spicy BBQ Chicken Tostadas, the perfect EASY Summer meal on the grill or inside in the broiler. Black beans, chicken, jalapeños, cilantro, cheese, and of course BBQ sauce! Adults and children ALL LOVE THESE!

Spicy BBQ Chicken Tostadas

Spicy BBQ Chicken Tostadas are the perfect EASY Summer meal. Fun for both kids and adults! My mom recently reminded me of one of my favorite Summer meals when we were growing up. We would throw a tortilla in the microwave, covered with cheese and salsa, wait for the beep, ...

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We LOVE these Strawberry Fields Martinis featuring Strawberry Basil Vodka! The herbs and fruit are so delicious; the perfect Summer cocktail!

Strawberry Fields Martini (Plus Video Link!)

Officially welcome Summer with a refreshing Strawberry Fields Martini! Strawberry, Basil, Vodka, and wine. Perfection! It feels like the streets come alive during Summer. Neighbors are outside, the flowers are blooming, and you can smell BBQs up and down the street. Summer ...

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This Chicken Mexican Lasagna Bake is relatively guilt-free and SO delicious! Perfect for a weeknight meal with the entire family.

Skinny(er) Chicken Mexican Lasagna Bake

This Chicken Mexican Lasagna Bake is relatively guilt-free and SO delicious! Perfect for a weeknight meal with the entire family. If you guys follow me on Instagram, you know I had the awesome opportunity to go to San Diego in May with Old El Paso. Not only was it an ...

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Monkeylada Martinis! Made with fresh banana and pineapple, and finished off with pineapple milk! Delicious, tropical, and fun! LOVE this during the Summer!

Monkeylada Martini

Transport yourself somewhere tropical with these fun and fruity Monkeylada Martinis! Cheers! Most of the time, I love living in Saint Louis. When I lived in Florida after college, I really missed the four distinct seasons, other pale people like me :), friends and family, ...

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Vanilla Lavender Scones; comforting, simple, and delicious! The best breakfast or mid-day snack with tea...amazing!

Vanilla Lavender Scones

Comforting and delicious Vanilla Lavender Scones! Tea Time anyone?? I have totally fallen in love with lavender lately. I have a lavender mist for our sheets to make going to bed sweeter, I'm OBSESSED with our Lavender Lemonade, and now these pretty little Vanilla Lavender ...

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Red White and Blue Smoothie Pops! These popsicles are perfect for the 4th of July or Memorial Day! Celebrate USA with these easy red white and blue pops, so fun!

Red White and Blue Smoothie Pops

Red White and Blue Smoothie Pops are the perfect cute, festive, sweet treat for the 4th of July! I'm a total sucker for cute popsicles, and these Red White and Blue Smoothie Pops are my absolute favorite! I love that their fun, festive, EASY, and also pretty healthy! The ...

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Patriotic Popcorn Pops, a super fun and cute red white and blue popcorn lollipop perfect for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July!

Patriotic Popcorn Pops

Fun Patriotic Popcorn Pops, Red White and Blue cuteness perfect for the Fourth of July! If you're looking for a fun and SUPER EASY treat to take to Fourth of July parties, LOOK NO FURTHER! These Patriotic Popcorn Pops are fun for both kids and adults, easy, and will make ...

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Mocha Cream Popsicles, my favorite way to cool off in the Summer heat! Caffeine, chocolate, and ice cream combined...what could be better??

Mocha Cream Popsicles

I love ice cream and I LOVE coffee. Let's combine them in easy Mocha Cream Popsicles! Perfection! Coffee, chocolate, and ice cream. Three of the absolute best things in life...amiright? If I could have those three things daily, I think life would be pretty good. These Mocha ...

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Puff Pastry Caprese Cups! We love these hot AND cold. Tomato, Mozzarella, Prosciutto, Basil, and Balsamic Reduction. PERFECTION!

Puff Pastry Caprese Cups

Puff Pastry Caprese Cups! All my favorite flavors packed into an EASY Puff Pastry cup. YUM! I live with a very picky eater. Pat loves only the simplest recipes, and he is very hard to please with what I cook! If something is too complicated or involved...chances are he ...

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Beat the summer heat with 20 Mouthwatering Sangria Recipes! Tropical Sangria to Sangria Swirled Margaritas. Something to suit every tastebud. Cheers!

20 Mouthwatering Sangria Recipes!

Hi hi! It's Megan from The Housewife in Training Files! Man, I don't know about you but this last week has been a scorcher! Why hello summer, nice of you to barge on in! So when the temperature goes up, I am craving drinks that are fruity, delicious and quench my thirst. And ...

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Nothing more comforting and refreshing than a Chai Tea Latte Milkshake! The perfect Summer pick me up! Delicious, creamy, and also super easy!

Chai Tea Latte Milkshakes

Chai Tea Latte Milkshakes, the best of both Summer and Winter! In colder weather, is there anything more comforting than a warm Chai Tea Latte? Cozied up cuddling with the fur babies, watching reality tv (no? just me?) and sipping on Chai Tea. My heaven. But I want it to ...

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