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bourbon sweet and spicy chicken

pat and i have had a terrible time finding a good chinese restaurant by his house. the places we have tried will remain nameless…but i have to say we have been disappointed. i don’t need anything frilly…i just want the right amount of sweet, the right amount of heat, and a happy fortune in my fortune cookie. three times we have ordered and not been able to consume it. i know that we will find a place that we love…but in the mean time i’ll be making this meal when cravings arise. my mom made this for us a couple months ago during a visit to Kirksville…and we were hooked. it also makes DELICIOUS leftovers…which for anyone who is a 30 year old cooking virgin is a must.

potatoes gratin with boursin

oh the deliciousness of potatoes gratin. basically i love anything with cheese. at restaurants…if i don’t know what to order…i just look for entrees including cheese. they are likely to be the best. this dish is AMAZING. i would always beg my mom to make this when we would have my friends over for dinner because it is an absolute crowd pleaser. this creamy and delicious variation on a classic is sure to be a favorite for your family as well.

calgary stampede cakes

when we were kids, our family went on a five week RV trip to canada to see the international barbershop quartet convention (you read that correctly). we saw every license plate on our way and experienced things i’ll remember forever. we also gained a treasured family tradition! while at the calgary stampede…one of the biggest rodeos in the world…we found our family’s favorite breakfast…CALGARY STAMPEDE CAKES. bacon bits mixed into pancakes. double yum. at the rodeo they were selling pancakes folded over with bacon inside. mom came up with this recipe when we returned home.

homemade boursin cheese!!!

OH boursin. one of my new but GREAT loves. this cheese is amazing. use it as a dip. use is as a spread. use it for baking. use it on baked potatoes. use it in potatoes gratin. eat it on a bus. eat it on a train. you get the idea. amazing. if you haven’t tried boursin cheese you are MISSING OUT and you must make this today. if you don’t have time to make it…go to the store and buy some and try it. then you’ll want to make this recipe.

homemade irish cream

who doesn’t love irish cream?! i remember being a kid and watching my grandparents use irish cream on the on their ice cream as a dessert. maybe i love irish cream now because i’m no longer being left out of the goodness! irish cream is great in coffees, or even by itself. you can also bottle this recipe in mason jars and make adorable gifts. christmas is coming up! get to making this recipe!!

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