sriracha maple oyster crackers

November 17, 2013

one thing i always think of when i think of the holidays are homemade treats. usually i think of sweets, cookies and fudge and all of that good stuff, but i also think of the salty variety! our favorite snack for the holidays is my mom’s FAMOUS chex party mix. omg. you have to try it. i have visions of my dad eating this by the bag-full while watching chiefs football :)

but theres a new snack in town. just in time for the holidays. sriracha and maple oyster crackers.

skinny caprese pasta

before the wedding, our family weighed in every week…i hated it, BUT it worked. the accountability helped us all, and we were all able to hit our goal weights!! after the wedding, i’ve still been trying to eat smaller portions, but i’ve fallen off the wagon just a little. all the baking and cooking for the blog…its hard not to eat a lot!!! we started weighing in again this past friday…which wasn’t so fun :). four pounds up from the wedding!!! not too bad, but i don’t want to keep going in that direction. so i’m going to learn some healthier recipes. not all of them will be healthy…but i’ll at least try! starting with this delicious pasta. skinny caprese pasta!

apple & cranberry baked brie bites

November 14, 2013

I am loving all of these fall flavors, and loving learning how to use them!! I feel like i’m getting the hang of this…little by little :). i’m still learning so much, but when I think about how much I struggled with the simplest cooking tasks a year ago, I must say i’m pretty proud of myself.

to celebrate all my baby steps toward domestic goddess status, lets all sit back and have one of these beauties…

caramel acorn kisses

November 12, 2013

I have a couple great recipes to post, but wanted to check in really quick to post this super cute and easy treat. we saw different versions of these on pinterest, so not totally original, but they are adorable and tasty. perfect for thanksgiving treats! (and you can probably use some leftover Halloween candy!)

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