smokey sherry chicken

November 13, 2012

this is my all-time favorite chicken. hands down. i would always request this chicken and my brother would always request hawaiian chicken (which i’ll make soon, don’t worry). i was scared to make it, because i was worried i would mess it up. NO MESSING THIS ONE UP. it is SO easy, and SO delicious. i’ve literally eaten the leftovers at work for 2 days now. i’m sad its about to be gone. but since its so easy to make i’ll just have to try it again :). Pat was skeptical, as always, but he loved it as well. he even ate it twice in one night as a late night snack.

Hawaiian Grilled Cheese Sandwich

November 6, 2012

well goodness. all this election coverage is stressing me out. so i need something cheesy and fried and delicious. GRILLED CHEESE!! believe it or not i’ve never made a grilled cheese. i’m the cooking virgin, remember? so yeah…literally never made a grilled cheese. i brainstormed with my mom on the phone for some good add-ons to the normal grilled cheese. i decided to make Hawaiian grilled cheese, and caprese grilled cheese.

perfect stovetop bacon crumbles

Stove-top crumbled bacon is one of the greatest things I have learned within the past two years. This is genius and I’m disappointed in myself for not figuring it out sooner in life. For all the times a recipe calls for crumbled, crispy bacon, this is the go-to thing to do. This is one of those great little nuggets of info that saves a ton of time and the results are great…so…here goes.

housewife…FOR REAL! :)

October 30, 2012

for those of you that know me…you know that i feared growing old with just my animals and eating frozen dinners every night. my animals are pretty amazing…but i desperately hoped to find true love and a dad for my ‘kids’. i decided to take matters into my own hands on the whole frozen dinners part…but was still looking for my forever. 2 weeks ago yesterday…forever happened :)

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